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June 7, 2015

Jim Furyk


Q.  You stayed steady all round, all four rounds.  What were you doing before to come in to put up the performance that you did?
JIM FURYK:  I took two weeks off that was needed.  I really didn't touch a club for about the first eight days, and kind of went to work on a few things, I didn't like how I was driving the ball.  I drove the ball really well for the first two and a half rounds, and maybe that was the difference in my scoring the last 27 holes, I wasn't able to really hit enough fairways.  I was making a funny swing where I kind of‑‑ hitting a couple of shots left, a couple of shots left, not as consistent.
But I hit the ball really well early in the week and for the first two or three rounds, and today I didn't really have it.  I gutted it out.  And got it around with 1‑under.

Q.  Still got to feel good, though, doing what you did?
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, it was a good week.  I'm taking next week off.  Got to kind of go back to the drawing board and think about today a little bit more and maybe what went wrong.  And just kind of keep doing what I'm doing.
I really saw some positive things with the driver, I put a new shaft in this week, the head‑‑ similar head to what I was using last year, and really felt good about it.  Didn't quite carry into the last three rounds.

Q.  How do you feel going into Chambers?
JIM FURYK:  Good, good, a lot better than leaving Charlotte, missing the cut and felt a little loss, didn't play very well there.  And like I said, I needed a couple of weeks off, I was pretty burned after Hilton Head and match play and PLAYERS, and it just kind of one after another, I was pretty burned out.

Q.  Do you have enough time to get your ten practice rounds in that you need?
JIM FURYK:  I don't.  I think I'm one of those folks that doesn't have a chance.

Q.  Is there any point today, was there any tipping point as you're playing your round, and you're watching the leaderboard, but I know you said you maybe felt like you missed some chances, was there a point where you said, okay, I'm there, I'm here, if I do this I have a shot?
JIM FURYK:  Well, I felt like leaving the front nine if I shot 3‑under and got it to 14, I would have a good chance for a playoff, because Jordan posted 13.  When I birdied 14, I still had 15 in front of me.
I knew 16, 17, 18 were at least downwind where I could get some opportunities.  I wasn't able to convert 15 and made a bad swing at 16 and made a bogey.  But I played‑‑ those last three holes are tough, and I think I played them at even par or under par for the week.

Q.  The course itself, today, did it dry out considerably?
JIM FURYK:  A little bit, in spots a little bit.  It was definitely farther, the balls went farther in the fairways, the greens were a little firmer, but they weren't like they've been some years.
The 16th green is scary, it's firmer and it's a lot faster.  It has no moisture on it right now.  It reminds me of when all the greens were like that.  Right now they're quick, but they'll receive good shots, and that's why you're seeing some pretty good scores.

Q.  David Lingmerth, what was he like?
JIM FURYK:  Quiet.  I don't see him much at home in Jacksonville, real polite, real nice guy to be around, everyone likes him, it seems like.

Q.  Can you say anything about his game?
JIM FURYK:  I like his game.  I really haven't played with him before today.  I was told he was real long.  He's not a bomber of the golf ball, he's controlled, he's real strong.  He hits it plenty far, but I thought it was more control.  I thought he was really able to work the ball and hit a lot of good golf shots today.  Played with David today, he's from my hometown, not really pulling against anyone, but I'd like to see the guy win.

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