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June 7, 2015

Braydon Coburn

Ondrej Palat


Q.テつ Braydon, you've been in a lot of playoff series.テつ Does home ice advantage mean as much during the playoffs as it does during the regular season?
BRAYDON COBURN:テつ I think when it really comes into factor is when you get into that Game 7, you can play at home, that seems to be comfortable.
I think we went into New York and won that one in Game 7, too.
It's tough to say.テつ Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not.テつ Just depends on your opposition and how you're playing at home.

Q.テつ Braydon, what is the challenge like when Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have been together?テつ When they're split apart, what is it like to try to stop them when they're separate?
BRAYDON COBURN:テつ They're two very talented players.テつ You got to make sure you're playing them tight, not giving them a lot of room to make plays and be creative.
They're tough players to play against.テつ You have to have the mindset you're playing against good players.テつ Doesn't change whether they're together or whether they're apart.テつ The Chicago team's got a lot of deep talent in the forward line.
You know, there's challenges whoever you're facing out there.

Q.テつ Braydon, in a situation like you faced yesterday with an inexperienced goalie coming in virtually cold in a tight game, do you have time to be conscious about that or everything just keeps going the way it was?
BRAYDON COBURN:テつ Well, I think you want to give him as much support as you can.テつ You want to be sure you're playing smart.テつ Obviously that time of the game, you're trying to play as smart as you can anyway.
You know, personal experience and knowing Vasi, just the way he prepares, kind of the way he handles himself, I was pretty confident he was going to be ready when he was called upon when he went in.

Q.テつ Ondrej, Stamkos mentioned how much of a faster pace Game2 was than Game1.テつ Why do you think there was so much change?
ONDREJ PALAT:テつ I don't know.テつ I thought the first game we play, we play well the first two periods.テつ The second game, we did that for 60 minutes.テつ I felt in the second period, it open up a little bit.テつ They had some chances.テつ We had, too.
I don't know.テつ I thought it was good hockey for the fans.テつ I don't know, it was just good.

Q.テつ Braydon, after a game like that last night, looked like a track meet, fun to watch, can you sit back and appreciate it for what it is or are you happy to get the win and move on?
BRAYDON COBURN:テつ I think right after the game, you're happy to get the win obviously.テつ I think a few guys noted that the game was fast.テつ There was a lot of up‑and‑down action.テつ Everything happened quick out there as opposed to some other series and some other games.
I thought that might have been one of the fastest ones we played so far in the playoffs.テつ Both teams back and forth.テつ Guys making plays quickly with the puck, just the pace up and down the ice.

Q.テつ Steven said he wasn't sure what the goaltending situation was going to be tomorrow.テつ Does that change, preparation‑wise, anything for you guys in terms of what you want to do as you look ahead to a Game3?
BRAYDON COBURN:テつ As long as they don't need me to back up or anything like that, doesn't change anything for me.テつ I just focus on my game and getting ready for tomorrow.
ONDREJ PALAT:テつ I think we're confident in both goalies, if it's Vasi or Bish.テつ Highly skilled both.テつ Doesn't change anything.

Q.テつ Braydon, with the inexperience or the youth on this team, are you surprised at the way this team has been able to adjust throughout going into Stanley Cup Finals?テつ Seems like no matter what style of game it was, this team can play any style of game?
BRAYDON COBURN:テつ That kind of goes into the depth of the team.テつ This team can play a lot of different ways.テつ I think we've had a lot of success through the regular season and through the playoffs so far.
But, you know, I think there's a lot of guys, like Paly and Johnny, a handful of guys that had success at the American League level as well.テつ They're able to rely on some of that playoff experience.
There's a few guys that went all the way just last year, the Rangers guys that were there went to the Finals.テつ Obviously Mo has got the Cup, Val has the Cup.テつ Probably forgetting somebody else.
We have some young guys, but they've had success at different levels as well.

Q.テつ You made a joke about being a backup goalie.テつ Have you ever been a goalie?
BRAYDON COBURN:テつ No.テつ That's solely a joke (laughter).

Q.テつ Ondrej, with your line breaking through with a couple goals last night, Chicago getting the last change at home, do you expect a tougher defensive assignment?
ONDREJ PALAT:テつ I don't know.テつ Not really.テつ I thought we play against Keith and Hjalmarsson most of the time.テつ I don't know.テつ I don't expect it's going to change, yeah.

Q.テつ Braydon, preparation might not change depending on the goalie.テつ Obviously Bishop likes to play the puck a lot.テつ I don't know how much Vasi does.テつ How much does that change in a game?
BRAYDON COBURN:テつ I think both of them are very good puck handlers.テつ Probably Bish has got a little more experience doing it.
But I don't know how much it would change.テつ You still have your routes, your reads, what you're going to do.テつ It's a tough question to answer just because I'm not too sure, you know, there would be too much change just because of the way we break out and kind of the structure of our defensive breakouts.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you, guys.

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