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June 6, 2015

Dylan Butler

Brenn Conrad

Wyatt Marks

Tony Robichaux


LSU - 4
La.-Lafayette - 3

THE MODERATOR:  We have No.13 Brenn Conrad, No.15 Dylan Butler, No.31 Wyatt Marks, and of course Coach Robichaux.  Wyatt, talk about your outing a little bit, please.
WYATT MARKS:  It took a little while to get settled in, but once I did, just had to keep on making the pitches.
THE MODERATOR:  Dylan, two doubles for you at the plate tonight.  Talk about facing Lange and your offensive night tonight, please.
DYLAN BUTLER:  We knew what type of offensive approach we needed coming into this.  He's got a good breaking ball.  We just had the approach we had to sit on the breaking ball and hunt the fastball, and luckily I got two good pitches to hit and capitalized on it.
THE MODERATOR:¬† Brenn, big pinch‑hit home run there.¬† Talk about that at‑bat, please.
BRENN CONRAD:¬† Well, I was able to sit on the bench and watch the whole game, watched him throw to every single batter, left‑handed, right‑handed batters, I was talking to Chaux before my at‑bat and asked him what to expect, and he said, just go up there and hit the fastball.¬† That's the first thing I saw, belt high, and put a good swing on it.
THE MODERATOR:  Coach, a few comments, please.
TONY ROBICHAUX:  Well, again, Wyatt threw a great ballgame for us.  Our biggest concern was to try to slow the game down.  At first the game got a little fast and as the game deepened, Wyatt got better at keeping it slower, and so I thought he did an outstanding job for a true freshman.  He's been very good for us all year.  Our whole pitching staff, all our starters have been true freshmen, so we had a big task on our hands tonight.  We knew the kind of freshmen we were also going to be faced with.  He was very, very good.  Our goal was to try to stay as close to him as we could and hopefully try to make it relevant at the end when his pitch count got up some, so Wyatt did a great job for us because the only way you're going to beat a guy like him is if you don't get him early you can maybe try to get him late.  Brenn came off, had a nice night tonight, then Brenn came off the bench tonight, got the big lick, tied it up, and their kid came out and did what a great team does, stepped up and got a pitch that he could get out of the ballpark, and he got it out, the difference in the ballgame.  You know, came down to that one pitch.  We had a lot of opportunities.  Again, I'm really proud how our true freshman came into here and slowed the game down, settled in and kept us out of our bullpen.

Q.¬† Coach, what do you tell your team after that, you go from the high of the home run in the top of the ninth to then giving up a walk‑off home run?¬† How do you get ready for tomorrow now?
TONY ROBICHAUX:  Well, you know, we've had this throughout the season with this group, and the big chance they have now is to show people who they really are, to keep coming, to come back.  You know, this wasn't going to be an easy task.  If I would have lied to them and told them this was going to be an easy weekend, then they would know that I lied to them.  But if this was easy, everybody would be doing it.  This is not easy.  But our team put ourselves in a position to win.
Our freshman threw lights out for us, and, and they got a ball up and out of the ballpark.  It takes two to get to Omaha, and again, it's not going to be easy, but we get a chance to come back tomorrow and show people what this team is made of.

Q.  Wyatt, what were you told there early and what did you do to just kind of slow things down?
WYATT MARKS:  Just to not let the game spin out of control, control what you can control, and just make your pitches.

Q.  Brenn, coach mentioned the range of emotions.  What were they for you personally?
BRENN CONRAD:  Well, obviously it's a big moment in the ballgame, tying the ballgame up in the ninth, but I mean, they came out and responded.  That's the biggest thing about baseball is responding, and they did a good job of that tonight.

Q.  What was it like, the atmosphere out there, just at the start of the game?  It looked like it might have affected y'all just a little bit.
BRENN CONRAD:¬† I mean, you know, we haven't played against‑‑ we haven't played in this type of atmosphere all year except for the time we played in New Orleans versus LSU.¬† But I think‑‑ I mean, the beginning of the game I felt like we were fine to be honest with you.¬† Throughout the game I felt like we kept getting more relaxed and more relaxed.

Q.  Coach, seemed like every time you looked up Robbins was making a great play at third base.  How nice was that with a freshman on the mound?
TONY ROBICHAUX:  Huge, huge.  He really did a great job down there because these guys are going to put the ball in play and put it in play firm.  They're a great hitting ballclub 1 through 9.  There's no easy innings.  You can't take an inning off with them.  They're going to put the ball in play firm, and he really, really made some nice plays tonight for us.  It really helped because those are doubles if he doesn't finish those plays and they get down the line.
Now they're working to pull away, and that was my biggest fear is we knew how good their arm was going to be, the one thing we didn't want to do is try to let they're hitters pull away from us too far because now you can't catch him as good as he is.¬† But Joe really helped us.¬† You know, that ball that went to the backstop, you know, Brenn's home run would have put us ahead right there if that ball would have went to the backstop and fairly hit that two‑run homer and really should have been probably a solo, but that could have been a difference in the game right there.
But again, we played a very good club and a very tough venue, and we've been on the razor's edge all year with this group.  They've done a great job of just staying in ballgames and hanging around and not letting anybody knock them out, and fortunately we thought we got the big knock but it just tied it up and then they came back and got the big knock.
But Joe did a great job for us.¬† We played well defensively tonight overall, and we knew that.¬† We told our guys, we've got to play good defense.¬† We've got to get the freshman off the field when we get the chance to get the freshman off the field, and we came out, let them get some big innings brewing because these guys can put some big numbers up in innings if you don't stop.¬† But we did what we were supposed to do.¬† Our number one goal here as a pitching staff is to pitch away from the three‑run‑inning, and we were fortunate not to give up the three‑run‑inning.

Q.  Looking at Wyatt, it seemed like his secondary stuff really got sharper as the game went on.  After the first inning what did you see from him?
TONY ROBICHAUX:¬† Well, you know, mid‑season he's got‑‑ sometimes he's got closer mentality, and he threw it against Troy in the conference tournament, and they hung five on him in the first inning, and in the first inning I had to come get him, and a day later we sent him back out again, and we just told him just to slow down a little bit, slow your motions down, and he threw a great ballgame for us.
So that's the big thing with him.  As he settles in and starts to pitch, that slider starts to work, and his secondary stuff gets better as he settles in and pitched, and he did a great job for us.  He could have let the game spin out of control early.  Those guys can spin a game out of control on you, and he didn't let that happen.  He settled down a little bit, and he's really matured.  I've coached 29 years, and I've been in here a lot in my career, and not many freshmen come in here and live to tell about it.

Q.  Your thought process as to staying with Will in the ninth inning instead of going with Dylan Moore?
TONY ROBICHAUX:  Well, we were tied right there, so we didn't want to burn arms.  Tomorrow we've got another true freshman coming out, got Milhorn behind him, now I've got Moore.  Bacon was my eye.  I was going to stay with him.  We were tied, and if we could get ahead, then Dylan would come in.

Q.  Eighth inning, started to rain a little bit, started to really come down.  Did it ever cross your mind that maybe play should be stopped for a little bit before the rain went off?
TONY ROBICHAUX:  You've got good guys hitting behind you right there handling the NCAA, so it's in their hands, and you know, it's a good umpire and crew, and we've got some guys that got a lot of experience in doing what they're doing, and they felt we could roll, so I support that.

Q.  Pitching plans for tomorrow?
TONY ROBICHAUX:  It will be Gunner Leger.

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