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June 6, 2015

Jason Garrison

Tyler Johnson


Tampa Bay – 4
Chicago - 3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Tyler and Jason.

Q.  Tyler, you talked the last couple days about wanting to be better and felt your line needed to be better.  What was it about tonight that led to your success?
TYLER JOHNSON:  Well, I thought we were a lot more aggressive today than we were in Game1.  I thought Game1 we were a little bit hesitant making plays.  That kind of added on not being able to execute.
So I thought tonight's game was a lot better from the line.

Q.  What was going through your mind when you saw the goalie carrousel in the third period, Bish going out?
JASON GARRISON:  I guess it's kind of rare you see that, but it does happen.  When it happens, you got to make sure you go out there and support the goalie coming in.
He made some big saves for us.  Goalies are usually very mentally focused, even if they're on the bench.  So, you know, it seemed the same way.  He came in there and, you know, did his thing.
TYLER JOHNSON:  Yeah, it's always tough to have a goalie come in cold like that.  But we have a lot of confidence in Vasi.  He's been great all season for us.  We see him in practice.  He's a competitor.  He works hard.
We have the confidence when he gets in.  He made some big saves like Garry just said.

Q.  Tyler, take us through your goal.
TYLER JOHNSON:  Yeah, just Kuch got it down low to me.  I was taking it to the net.  I wanted to get in the air, actually find a corner.  I couldn't quite do that.
I got lucky enough that it kind of trickled in.  It's one of those ones that I guess it just goes to the net and good things happen.

Q.  Jason, two goals in the second period, you didn't panic.  How much difference was there than Game1 in terms of how you responded?
JASON GARRISON:  A big difference.  Obviously we didn't sit back.  They came in waves of pressure.  I think the speed of the game tonight was much quicker than the first game.
You know, they're going to get their chances.  They're most likely going to score goals.  It's how you respond after you get scored on or after you score a goal.  Big moments in the game.

Q.  Jason, if indeed Andrei has to start on the next game, Game3, how will you feel about a new guy in goal?
JASON GARRISON:  We feel confident.  I mean, you know, they're both here for a reason.  We just got to make sure that we communicate with Vasi if that's the case, support him as much as possible.
He's going to go in there, if he is, he's going to do a job for us.  We're not worried about it.

Q.  Jason, coach talked about how you guys are learning the Stanley Cup on the job.  Two games in, does the stage feel that much bigger?
JASON GARRISON:  Yeah, I mean, you can tell walking through the rink, obviously doing press conferences like this.
The game hasn't changed.  That's the biggest thing for us, is to play our way.  Even though there's a lot of stuff going on outside of the game, we got to make sure we focus in on what we're doing each and every night, not try to change anything just for the sake that there's a lot going on outside of the rink.

Q.  Up and down, back and forth all night long.  We've seen Chicago do this repeatedly in the last couple years.  How comfortable will you be playing this style, this tempo?
JASON GARRISON:  I think, you know, we're comfortable.  We have a lot of speed, a lot of guys can skate.  It's our style of hockey, I think.  We just add on some defensive structure when we don't have the puck.
But I think moving the puck up as quick as we can, transitioning as quick as we can is definitely a strength for us.

Q.  Tyler, you had a good look in the first period.  One off the post.  Were you starting to get a little frustrated at that point, not having anything go in?
TYLER JOHNSON:  No, not quite.  You know, obviously not scoring goals is a tough thing.  At the same time there's a lot more to the game.  If you're getting chances, if you're working hard, that's all that really matters.  As long as the team wins.
It's tough when you hit the post when you get that close.  At the same time it's bound to go eventually.  We just had to keep working.

Q.  Jason, five‑on‑five, your defensemen were involved in the offense tonight.  How do you think that adjustment troubled Chicago?
JASON GARRISON:  You know, I mean, for us it's been all year.  As defensemen, we've been told to get up the ice, try to be a second wave.  There was an emphasis on that tonight going into the game, making sure we were moving our feet, supporting the play as much as possible.  We were able to contribute tonight, which was big for us.
I think last game we only were able to have four shots as a defensive corps.  We wanted to make sure we contributed more defensively tonight.

Q.  What do we expect now for Game3?  Is it kind of the same thing we saw in 5 and 7 against the Rangers where you're going now to Chicago, the momentum and everything, can we expect the same thing we saw in your play, aggressive or not, in Game5 and 7 when you won on the road against the Rangers?
TYLER JOHNSON:  I don't think we like to change our game.  I don't think we like to say that we have a bunch of different game plans regardless of how the series went before.
As long as we stick to our structure, stick to the things that work, it's going to be a lot like tonight.  It's going to be a lot like Game5 and Game 7.  Those are the games we played good in.
We don't have to change our structure, change what we do, and just go from there.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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