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June 6, 2015

David Lingmerth


Q.¬† Even par, 72, in Round 3.¬† A bit of an up‑and‑down round, at least?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  Yeah, yeah, I didn't really play the way I wished to going into the round.  I short sided myself a few too many times and hit some poor chip shots.  The rough is gnarly, but I should have done better.  And my putting wasn't really that great either.  I've got a couple decent ones to go in the end.  I fought back and finished at even.
At least a good round tomorrow, I should be able to make something happen.

Q.  Were the weather conditions that much different from yesterday?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  No.  It was a little bit more windy for me, I think.  I played early yesterday and the conditions were great.  But a little bit more windy today.  And the course is great.  There were some tough pins maybe, that's why the scores were not as low, I guess.

Q.  What are you going to lean on tomorrow to win?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  You know, I learned that, I think, even from just playing in the final group today and just mentally I've got to be a little stronger and I think I'll be good tomorrow.  I'm ready to rock.

Q.  You talked yesterday about handling the moment, being that last group for today.  Talk about how that went for you, how you handled it, how you handled some adversity?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  To begin with I did great, and then I started missing a couple of shots and just kind of lost focus.  I got down on myself a little bit, and I got a little frustrated.  Fortunately, though, I was able to turn it around here a little bit in the end.  And with a good round tomorrow, I guess I can make something happen.

Q.  Is that the same mentality that you take into tomorrow, the fact that you have an opportunity?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  Yeah, I have an opportunity.  And I think playing in the final group today, I think even though it didn't go the way I was hoping for it to go, I still think I learned a lot and I fought through and feel good about the way I finished.

Q.  What happened on 14?  How do you regroup from that?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  I just hit a very poor tee shot and was looking to stay up from the hazard and caught a flier from there.  You don't want to miss it where I missed it, and it was kind of bad.  I had a lie in the rough and tried to pop it out of there.  Somehow, I don't know, I thought it wouldn't get on to the green, but it got stuck up there in the first cut and I was left with the same gnarly lie again and missed a pretty short putt.

Q.  How did you regroup?
DAVID LINGMERTH:¬† I was a little down on myself, but I hit a good drive on the next hole and a good second shot, too.¬† It was a pretty easy up‑and‑down for the birdie.¬† After getting that birdie, I just told myself try and get a couple more on the way in and I'll be fine.

Q.  18 has claimed a lot of people today, why do you think that is?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  Well, that pin position.  I hit a really good second shot in there.  What you want to do is leave it a little short so you can have an uphill putt, but there's no room for it.  So it's pretty much impossible to get a look at birdie.  If you miss the green, it's tough to get it up and down from anywhere around there, I think.  I had a short putt, but it was downhill and it was tough.

Q.  Did you see Tiger made an 8 on there today?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  He made an 8 there?  I didn't know.

Q.  What was your reaction to him shooting 85?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  I didn't even know that either.

Q.  Now that you know, how do you feel about it?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  Everybody goes through their ups and downs.  He's Tiger Woods, I'm sure he'll find his way back somehow.

Q.  You'll be chasing Justin Rose tomorrow.  How well do you know him, have you played with him?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  I have not played with him, and I don't think I'm paired with him.

Q.  No.
DAVID LINGMERTH:  But I'm chasing him.  I've never played with him, but seen him around, good guy.

Q.¬† You finished the last three holes 1‑under.¬† There weren't very many guys that did that today.¬† Is that a boost, do you think, heading into Sunday?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  Yeah, like I said, the three last holes are really tough out here.  And the way I fought back on the last four, I'd say, left a really good feeling.  And I'm feeling good about tomorrow.

Q.  How did you approach today?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  Well, I played good the first two days, so I was just trying to stick to what I did those two days and just focus on my small little world and what I can control.  And I kind of lost that focus a little bit in the middle of the round today.  But like I said, I was able to find it again in the last few holes and I'm happy about that.

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