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June 6, 2015

Dustin Johnson


Q.  29 on the front nine had to feel pretty special.  You really had things going there early, didn't you?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I did.  You know, it was a good, solid round.  Got off to a good start, hit two good shots on 1, just barely missed the putt, and then birdied 2 and 3.
Good save on 4.
5, I pitched in from like 60 yards.  So that kind of got me off and going.
And then the next hole, hit it in there close, made birdie on 6, and then birdied 7, and then finished it off with a chip in on 9.  I was ten feet from the hole, just off the green.  It was a special front nine.
It was good just to get back to‑‑ get a little more confidence back in the game.  I've been playing okay, just felt like it's been a little bit off.  And today I definitely hit some really good shots.

Q.  You always dominate the par 5s, but today, 6‑under on the par 5s.  Of course you had a couple of eagles, but that's pretty special even for you?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Yeah, I did play the par 5s pretty well.  The pitch‑in was very nice.  I hit a great shot.
And then 11, I made eagle and I hit it to a foot.  So that helps.

Q.  The course today, it was cooler outside, not as much sun, more gettable today than the first two days?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I don't know, the wind was blowing pretty well today.  I hit the ball a lot better today.  I thought it played easy the first two days, and just didn't hit it that well.
I drove it a lot better today and hit my irons a lot better, too.  But today I thought it played a little bit tougher than the first two rounds, for sure.  I thought it played as easy as it can the first two days, I was just struggling.

Q.  Excited about tomorrow, the way you're playing?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Yeah, excited.  I'm going to go to the range and do some work.  I feel good.  I feel like the game is getting back.  Today was the first signs of it coming back around and playing nicely.  I'm feeling a lot more comfortable out there.

Q.  Congratulations.  Was it easier?  Did the rain make it easier?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  No, I don't think so.  I thought‑‑ I just played better today.  The first two days I struggled off the tee.  And then, when I was in the fairway, I wasn't hitting it close to the hole, missing greens with wedges and stuff, just struggled the first two days.
Today I thought it played more difficult, for sure, but I drove it better, I hit my irons better.  And when I did miss a green, I got up and down.  I felt like I rolled it a little bit better today, too.  Didn't make any long putts, I just made all my short ones.

Q.  In the hunt, got a shot, what's your thinking for Sunday?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  You never know, but I'm going to have to go out and have another special round for any kind of chance, I think.

Q.  Given the way this place played the first couple of days, did you kind of expect this?  You tied I think it was low nine on the front for this tournament, tied the record.  And I think Patrick Reed went 8‑under on his front.  Did you have a sense this was coming today?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  No, I didn't.  I've been struggling for a while.  But I did‑‑ it was kind of funny, I was actually watching one of my commercials I filmed, it was right after Doral, and that was probably some of the best I've swung a club.  And I just noticed something in my setup that‑‑ and so as soon‑‑ this was yesterday afternoon.  So I went out to the range and just adjusted my setup a little bit and started hitting the ball well again.

Q.  What was it you noticed?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I just needed to get a little bit‑‑ just get my setup just a little bit better.  Posture was a little off, I was getting a little too heely.  And just getting more on the balls of my feet, I started hitting it good again.

Q.  What ad was it?

Q.  Any reaction to Tiger shooting 85 today?  Were you aware he was struggling?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  No.  They were in front of us, but I didn't notice anything.

Q.  Any thought on that?

Q.  What were you watching when you stumbled on this ad?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I was on the telephone.  I was in the locker room and it just happened to come on TV.

Q.  As you sit right now, you're four off the lead.  Tomorrow you could be real close and in the hunt.  As you look ahead, what holes in this course do you look at that are gettable?  Do you look at the course and say we've got to go nail it on this?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  You've got to play the par 5s good out here, especially for me.  I can reach all of them, no problem.  Play the par 5s well, and you're still‑‑ you've got some wedges and stuff where you can make some birdies.  For me definitely play the par 5s well.
I played them poorly the first two days.  But it was just a combination of not driving it well and not hitting my irons well.

Q.  What are you going to do for the two weeks until The Open?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I've got to work hard.  It's close.  I still hit some shots that I didn't like today, but I did hit a lot of good ones.  It's definitely more positive for me right now.  And just keep grinding.

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