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June 5, 2015

Andy Sullivan


Q.テつ Just some opening comments about your round today.
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ Yeah, just tee to green, just hit the ball great today.テつ I didn't miss a lot of fairways or greens and just holed a few more putts than I did yesterday.テつ Just got the ball rolling and kept it going.テつ It was good.

Q.テつ Were the conditions a little better yesterday?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ I didn't hit it as good yesterday.テつ I found a lot of traps yesterday.テつ So it was mainly just sort of scrambling, but seemed to score quite well at the same time.
So, yeah, today, I think I missed one green today.テつ I think that was the key, to give myself a lot of chances out there and took quite a few of them, as well.

Q.テつ This is typically known as a second‑shot course.テつ When you only miss one green, yes, it is?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ The fairways are not too tight.テつ But if you do miss them, you can get punished.テつ The rough is high enough that you can't reach some of the greens.テつ So you've still got to hit the fairways.テつ But into the greens, you can short side yourself with how quick the greens are and I didn't do that yesterday or today.テつ I gave myself the best opportunity yesterday and today.

Q.テつ A different experience?テつ The wind picked up a little.テつ It seemed like there was none yesterday, not even in the afternoon?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ Yeah, I played early in the week before, and we played in about a 30‑mile‑an‑hour wind.テつ So this is absolutely bliss at the moment we're playing in, so less wind.テつ So like I say, it's been absolutely perfect golf the last two days really.

Q.テつ Have you played here before?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ It's my second time in America.テつ I played WGC and this one.

Q.テつ This course fits your eye a little bit then?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ I think it's a shot maker's course.テつ And I like to maneuver the ball around quite a lot.テつ So for me, it suits my eye.

Q.テつ You said this is your second tournament in the United States?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ Yes, I played the world WGC at Harding Park and this one.テつ I'm just grateful for Mr. Nicklaus and Don Sullivan to give me the invite to come out and have the opportunity to play.テつ So I'll try and take full advantage of it.

Q.テつ I assume Mr. Nicklaus‑‑ you're not going to say no to Jack?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ No, for sure.テつ To play in such a tournament and Jack's tournament, it's absolutely fantastic.テつ There was no way I was passing it up for sure.

Q.テつ Are you old enough to have watched him play?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ Not quite.テつ I've seen a lot of reruns of it.テつ It would be nice to hopefully shake his hand some day, it would be nice.

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