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June 5, 2015

Jim Furyk


Q.  I thought you had a beautiful touch on the greens.  The putts that didn't go in looked like they had a chance to go in.
JIM FURYK:  I felt good out there today.  I could see the lines on the greens real well.  I've been working on some things in my set up, and it started to kind of click on the back nine yesterday.
I really felt good about the day.  Coming out here and making 7 birdies, you've got to feel good about.

Q.  It's interesting that you say you see the lines well, because you've played here so often, you're a champion here.  The greens haven't changed all that much through the years.  Is just the setup helping you to see the line better?
JIM FURYK:  Well, a lot is confidence and how you're putting.  If you get out there and you hit a few bad putts or you miss a few putts, you start doubting yourself.  It's harder to kind of draw those lines on the greens and commit to it.  I feel like the ball for the last 27 holes has been coming out where I'm looking.  If I'm looking right edge, I'm hitting the ball the right edge for the most part.  I hit a couple of bad putts here and there, but for the most part I got the ball on the line and that's helped me with my confidence and really trusting the reads.

Q.  How much does the win at RBC Heritage help your confidence?
JIM FURYK:¬† Well, I think it's relaxed me a little bit.¬† It's helped my confidence, but it's relaxed me a little bit.¬† I was putting a lot of extra pressure on myself to perform on the weekend, especially in contention with a chance to win on Sunday.¬† To get a win under my belt definitely is‑‑ I'm not saying I might not, but it's more of a relaxed feeling and I think I'll be a little more patient on the weekend.

Q.  Start talking about your round today.
JIM FURYK:¬† Well, I felt like I played a solid round.¬† I hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens, didn't put myself in a lot of bad positions today.¬† I was able to knock in a couple of putts.¬† Hit a couple within two feet today where I had tap‑ins for birdie.¬† But I also made some good putts out there.¬† Really it was a good mix.¬† I felt like I drove the ball well.¬† I was pretty sharp with my irons and my short game was pretty good, as well.¬† To go out and shoot 6‑under and get myself back in the hunt in this tournament was pretty fun.

Q.  Was there something you cleaned up from the last two starts here?
JIM FURYK:  I'm trying to think of the last two.  I drove the ball better at Wachovia.  And I didn't feel that well on the weekend at PLAYERS.  I played pretty well early on, on Thursday and Friday, and just didn't really score well.  I was impatient, didn't do a lot right on the weekend.
At Wachovia, I just drove the ball real bad.  I was kind of in between drivers and messing around with shafts and heads and wasn't comfortable and hit it all over the place.  That's probably as crooked as I've hit it in the last five years.
I worked on that the last couple of weeks.  I drove the ball really well for the last two days so that's a good sign.

Q.  You've played here a lot and you've had a lot of success here.  How receptive is this course right now?
JIM FURYK:  It's starting to firm up on the fairways, but the greens are still very receptive, and I think you're seeing a lot of low scoring because of that.  Guys can be aggressive and get to the pins you sometimes can't.  So you can get a few more opportunities.
The greens are still rolling very true.  They're quick.  You have to be careful.  It's easy to knock one four or five feet by.  But the scores are so good because the greens are receptive right now.  But they do kind of match the fairways.
What you don't want‑‑ obviously you've had a lot of rain here in the last couple of weeks, it seems, and you don't want to see soft fairways and firm greens or vice versa.¬† I feel like they match, but it's just the conditions that we're given.

Q.  Do you feel that could change over the weekend?
JIM FURYK:  I mean, I guess if it was breezy, some nice sun, it could dry out a bit.  Like I said, I like to see the golf course match.  What I mean by that is if you want guys to shoot real low scores, you make the fairways real firm and fast, make the greens soft.  The course plays short and you can throw darts on the greens.  If you want high scores, you make the fairways real wet and the greens brick hard.  And you can't hold the greens.  I don't think either one of those is a good setup.  You want everything to kind of match and flow real well.  And it must have rained a lot in the last couple of weeks, because the course isn't usually this soft.

Q.  With the way it's playing, do you have a number in mind that it's going to take to win?
JIM FURYK:  No, I would want to look at the weather and how much is the wind going to blow.  There's still some good pin placements left out there.  But if you see no wind and even if there's a chance to get some rain this afternoon that I saw, late this afternoon, if it stays soft and no wind you're going to continue to see good scores.

Q.¬† Do you remember the last time you were playing with a guy to win with a three‑hole run like Dufner did on 14, 15, 16?
JIM FURYK:  Birdie, eagle, eagle?

Q.  Yes.
JIM FURYK:¬† 5‑under for three is pretty good.¬† I've never seen 6, so that's as good as I've ever seen.

Q.  Was there any kind of turning point for you in your round today?
JIM FURYK:  No, just kind of plugged away.  The birdies at 13, 15 and 17, and I had some good opportunities.  Almost made birdie at 3, but then I was able to birdie 4, 5 and 6.  And I think that's where it really jump started.
I hit a bad putt at 7 for birdie and bogeyed 8, which kind of slowed it down a bit.  But I was able to finish with a birdie.  That 4, 5, 6 turned a solid round into a real good round.

Q.  Obligatory question about being a special tournament.  Meeting your wife here, how special does it remain for you?
JIM FURYK:  It was fun.  It was a long time ago that we met here, I think 20 years.  But it's a lot of fun to come back.  We have a house full of people and friends and family.  So to get back to her hometown and be with the folks she grew up with and went to high school and college with, she has a blast this week.  And I kind of come along for the ride and hopefully give them something to watch.

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