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June 5, 2015

Iman Shumpert


Q.  Were you guys waiting for them to kind of help down on LeBron to see that opportunity?
IMAN SHUMPERT:  I think they made the adjustment of going one‑on‑one with LeBron, hence LeBron having the big scoring game that he had.  But even if he scored well, we still have to be doing a better job of making sure that nobody can help him.

Q.  Now that the Warriors have won the first game, how critical is this one to even the series back up?
IMAN SHUMPERT:  You definitely want to steal one on their home floor.  So in preparation for Sunday, we've got to make sure we're ready to defend, rebound, and they get one shot and then we (indiscernible).

Q.  I know LeBron's the guy that's going to score most of your points, but when you have the scoring coming down to him and Kyrie and Timofey in the first game, how much do you have to step up for other guys?
IMAN SHUMPERT:  I think you've just got to get a feel for the game.  I think that we usually get more scoring opportunities for everybody else.  But like I said, we did a one‑on‑one coverage with LeBron.  A lot of one‑on‑one coverages with Kyrie, and they took advantage of the one‑on‑one match‑ups.  Sometimes they're just more aggressive with the ball in their hands and we trust those guys to make plays.

Q.  The other day LeBron said that Curry and Kyrie are two of the greatest ball handlers in the history of the league.  Let's take them individually, starting with Curry.  What is it that he does handling the ball that makes him so special?
IMAN SHUMPERT:  Most guys who get a handle on the ball are doing their best to attack you to get a lay‑up.  With Curry's handle, he handles it like a guy that can attack to get to the rim.  But all he needs is a small amount of room to get a shot off.  So that's what makes it so difficult.

Q.  When you're guarding him, what do you try to do to prevent him from getting that opportunity?
IMAN SHUMPERT:  Just force him to our bigs.  You've got to force him to be athletic and finish with contact and finish at the rim.

Q.  What about Kyrie?  What is it that he does with the ball that makes him so different?
IMAN SHUMPERT:  Kyrie's one of those guys that's trying to get to the rim.  You've got to stop him from getting to the rim.  When you do that, he can still pull up off the dribble and make some.

Q.  That shot you took before the final overtime, how close did you think it was to going in?
IMAN SHUMPERT:  I thought it was good.  But it wasn't.

Q.  Do you replay those games?  Last night and morning, do you think about it because you came so close?
IMAN SHUMPERT:  Just watch film.  Watch film on what we need to do better.  I didn't harp on the fact that we lost.  Just go back and forth and say, oh, it's this or that, or I wish this would happen.  You've just got to focus on your mistakes, try to reboot, and get the win on Sunday.

Q.  What are some of the positives when you watched the film?
IMAN SHUMPERT:  I thought we did a great job executing our game plan.  We only let Curry and Thompson get good looks a few times, I think.  One off like an offensive rebound, another one, I think one of our bigs just relaxed for just a second.  Curry got a quick one off in the corner.  But I thought we did a great job containing those guys, even when our bigs switched on to‑‑ switched on to the guards they did a great job of taking a one‑on‑one challenge.
We could have done a better job rebounding, but I think there were a lot of positives to take from Game 1.

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