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December 10, 2000

David Duval

Tiger Woods


NELSON LUIS: We'd like to welcome the winning team, from the United States, Tiger Woods and David Duval. Gentlemen, you won the inaugural playing of the EMC2 World Cup as a World Golf Championships event. Tiger now has four World Golf Championships victories; and David, you share in this for your first one. Maybe just some general thoughts about your week.

DAVID DUVAL: I've had a wonderful week. It was even more fun than I imagined coming down and playing golf with Tiger down here in Argentina. The golf course was spectacular. The scene was amazing. I've never seen things that occurred, just like today on the 18th green. Just a wonderful week.

TIGER WOODS: Well, this has been a fantastic week, not only golf-wise, but to be able to play with my good buddy, David out there. It was just a lot of fun. We teamed well. We were somehow fortunate enough to make a couple more putts than the Argentine team. The fans were absolutely incredible, and that's the most important thing. We were able to make everything very exciting.

Q. Congratulations, gentlemen. Tiger, in your second shot on the 9th hole, did you at any moment think about making it unplayable and taking the drop?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I did think about it; and in hindsight, maybe I probably should have. But my lie really wasn't that bad. It may look awkward. My stance was awkward, but the lie wasn't that bad. And if I would have made clean contact, I would have gotten the ball at least 30 or 40 yards down the fairway and David could have had an iron, and so we could probably tag and make birdie. So I kind of slipped a little bit as I took the club back on my left foot and flinched, and as I flinched, I hit it fat and made it airborne.

Q. Congratulations. It's not a major; does it feel like a major when you come here with 25,000 people out there looking and smiling and happy? It looked to me just like St. Andrews. How did you feel coming up here?

TIGER WOODS: Well, that's one of the reasons why I think you saw both Frank and I kind of running ahead, trying to keep ahead of the gallery, because the marshals were getting run over themselves. A little bit like St. Andrews, but not quite like I say, the hysteria of St. Andrews, because there, the marshals actually did get knocked down and got trampled.

Q. I would like to congratulate you and ask you what your opinion of the course is?

DAVID DUVAL: Again, I think that they did a wonderful job preparing it. It was -- especially today, it was a very strong presentation, and I just enjoyed it very much.

Q. Tiger, now that your season is over now, what is your goal for next year? What are you looking forward to for next year?

TIGER WOODS: Well, right now, to be honest with you, I just want to get home. This is my eighth tournament in a row, eight weeks in a row, and that's a lot. It's been all around the world, and it has taken its toll on me. I'm a little worn out, and I'm looking forward to enjoying Christmas and the holidays. As far as next year, I'm looking forward to hopefully improving and getting better, and hopefully I can put myself in contention to win some tournaments.

Q. Even though last year the tournament had a different format, the United States finished 23 strokes under par and you made 21. How much do you think you contributed this time?

TIGER WOODS: What were we, 34? He was 32, I was 2. (Laughter.)

Q. Yesterday you declared that there were not many leaderboards around the course, what did you think of the leaderboards today?

TIGER WOODS: As far as winners, not until we finished 18. But we knew that we had a four-shot lead playing the 17th hole on the leaderboard as we were walking off 16 where we could see it. And I guess they got the message from yesterday, because there wasn't any advertising. I only saw the scores.

Q. Did you ever think you would see somebody win 10 and a half million dollars in one season, three majors, 12 victories, whatever you want to call it?

DAVID DUVAL: I think that, yes, if you want a one-word answer, "yes." I think the most amazing part about it is it is not done out of 28 events, it is done in 18 events. I think that's where that winning percentage, if you will, is so extraordinary. And that's just all you can do is commend Tiger for the effort that he has put in. And through the course of a year, to be able to play as consistently as well as that is the most amazing thing.

Q. Tiger, do you know if there is any chance of you organizing a tournament for your charity --

TIGER WOODS: My foundation?

Q. -- here in Argentina?

TIGER WOODS: I don't know yet. Right now we're trying to get ours started. We played the Williams World Challenge last week, which our foundation is the main beneficiary of that tournament. And that is one tournament -- I don't know about expanding yet. We'll see.

Q. Tiger, you are a world-wide player and you have been for quite a few years now. You spoke about the eight weeks and the grind and everything. Is it starting to get old, the demands people are putting on you?

TIGER WOODS: I guess you just become accustomed to it, accustomed to the responsibilities that I have, whether it is to the fans or the media or friends, family -- whatever it is. You just get an understanding of what to do and what you can and can't handle. I think that is the way I've looked at it, and that is the way that I've come to understand it. I guess the only thing I wish is that we lived in the kind of Star Trek days where you could kind of beam over to another country. A lot easier than sitting on your butt for 14 hours.

Q. Did you feel like it was David's consistent play that allowed you guys to hold off the Argentine duo today?

TIGER WOODS: I felt we struck the ball well today. I didn't really -- I putted not so good today, but my partner over here bailed me out time and time again. You know, thank goodness that he was there with a good flat stick, because I didn't hit good putts -- either ran them by or left them short. I only made one putt, which was on 11. Other than that, I didn't feel like I did much of anything. But other than that, I did feel like I was able to hit some solid shots and felt like I was able to put us in position where I did have a shot at it. But David played great all week, and he really carried us.

Q. In Valhalla, while you were playing, you were doing some movements with your shoulders, and a person at the public shouted at you and you smiled. I would like to know, what did that person tell you?

TIGER WOODS: I don't know. No comprende espanol. (Laughter.)

Q. This was in Valhalla, not in Argentina.

TIGER WOODS: I don't know.

DAVID DUVAL: They probably said, "I love you, Tiger."

Q. You guys are both eligible next year. Will you make the trip to Japan to defend your title?

DAVID DUVAL: I can't answer that question, simply because I believe the qualification for the U.S. team is the highest-ranked player, and Tiger will be No. 1 for -- unless he misses cuts for the next two straight years, he's going to stay ranked 1. So it is up to him to decide to ask a partner.

TIGER WOODS: I would love to play again, and I would love to team up with David, if everything works out. We'll see what happens. We have a long year ahead of us before then. We have a lot of things -- both of us need to go out there and chase, and then win. And at the end of the year, we'll see. But we would love to do it again, yes.

Q. How long are you staying in Argentina, or are you returning right now to the United States?

DAVID DUVAL: We're returning this evening.

TIGER WOODS: Just depends on how long you keep us in here. (Laughter.)

Q. For both of you, how do you like the Argentine galleries and the Argentine public, and did you find any difference with any of the other galleries that you've come across?

DAVID DUVAL: I think that for me they seemed very enthusiastic, and the behavior was quite exceptional, I thought, considering the size and proximity, how close everybody was. I thought it was fantastic.

TIGER WOODS: I thought they were extremely enthusiastic. And I think one of the great things about the galleries here this week is the fact that they were kind of policing themselves. If a camera went off or if a phone rang, they would get on one another, and you don't find that too often around the world. And it was pretty neat to see the galleries actually police themselves.

NELSON LUIS: Okay. Thank you very much.

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