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June 1, 2015

Cheng-Tsung Pan


THE MODERATOR:テつ We're joined by student athlete Cheng‑Tsung Pan from the University of Washington, runner‑up here today, and Cheng‑Tsung, if you would just talk a little bit about the four days you've spent here at Concession, the challenges of the course, and then your play today.
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ The course is obviously hard, and it's in well condition.テつ The way I played, I played well the last four days.テつ I made some big mistakes on each round.テつ For example, first round I hit my 3‑wood one hole, hit two balls in the water, and second round I made double, I almost shanked it.テつ It was an excellent because there was a bug flying into my eye on the down swing.テつ So it was an accident.テつ But other than that I played well.テつ A lot of things went the way I wanted, so that's good, and I'm glad I put up a fight and tried to catch the leader.テつ I put up a good fight.
THE MODERATOR:テつ What was your mindset down the stretch?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ I knew I needed to get to 8‑under, so I was playing aggressive.テつ Even though the last couple holes were tough holes, I think if I play still aggressively and hit some good shots, I could still make birdies.

Q.テつ 72 holes here plus one practice round.テつ Talk about how you think this course did as a national championship venue.
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Oh, it's totally, like a perfect place for the championship venue.テつ I think the course is hard but doable.テつ It's soft because of the rain, but it's playing longer.テつ I mean, I think every major championship should be like this.テつ It's hard, super hard, but it's still doable, and I think 8‑under is a great score to win a championship like this.

Q.テつ Looking back, you're a senior.テつ You could have turned pro way before this but you chose to stick around and now you are one shot from winning the national championship.テつ Just kind of reflect back on your career and how happy you are to have accomplished what you've accomplished.
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Yeah, I always described my last four years as the best four years in my life.テつ There's no regrets, no regrets.テつ I've done everything I want.テつ I've been so lucky to have great teammates, great coaches, and to attend the University of Washington, and to live in Seattle, that's a place I always wanted to be.
When I go back and look over these last four years, I would say it is the best four years in my life, and I played good golf, too.テつ Even though I lost by one shot, I put up a good fight, and that's all I can do.

Q.テつ Just how close was the bunker shot on 18 to going in?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ I planned to do it, but it lipped out.テつ It was a tough bunker shot.テつ It would be so lucky to hole out that shot.テつ I mean, the chances are very slim.テつ But I gave it a good try.

Q.テつ How many chances do you think it would take you to hole it, like one out of every 10, one out of every 5?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Like hundred.テつ It's hard.テつ You've got to get lucky, get a good bounce, hit the shot you want.テつ I was kind of far away from the fringe, also, about 10 yards behind, so it wasn't that easy.

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