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May 31, 2015

Charley Hoffman


Q.  I'm here with Charley Hoffman.  Charley, absolute superb back-9.  To my way of thinking, it caught up with you on 9.  That par save at 9 might have been the round saver.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  It a horrible hybrid in the water.  Dropped it in casual water.  Hit something up there in front of the green.  Trying to make bogey.  Lucky enough that one went in.  That got my momentum going.

Q.  You've just been playing well for several weeks.  Haven't gotten in the Winner's Circle.  What have you learned during this stretch about Charley Hoffman?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Got to withstand all the pressure.  Fun at the Masters.  Two putts to drop.  Give myself a chance on 18, near miss.

Q.  It's never over until it's over as Yogi Berra said.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Appreciate it.

Q.  Charley, I think you did just about all you could on the way to the house.  What a great inward 9 for you.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Hit a lot of good shots, gave myself a lot of opportunities on the back-9.  Could have been nice to cap that off on 18 but really happy with having a chance.  You never know but looks like I'm coming up a couple short.

Q.  The key to leading out here is giving yourself enough opportunities to get there.  You had chances at The Players.  Keep knocking on the door.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  It's been fun.  Coming down the back-9 means something.  That's why you play golf, get the adrenaline going, seeing how your swing holds up and the putter.  Hopefully knock a big one off here pretty soon.

Q.  You talk about playing under pressure.  You looked comfortable in that situation now.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah, I feel good.  Game feels good.  Keep giving myself chances and one will fall off.

Q.  Like I said, poised for a big summer.
For you, obviously a couple of bogies late in that front-9 but you come out with a 29.  How close did you feel you were to really making it?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I get going down 9 fairway, if I don't hit it in the water, the momentum changer was chipping in for par there and hit some quality shots, 10, 11.  12, and was able to get the birdie rally going and the momentum going and I kept it going through the back-9 and gave myself a good chance on 17 and 18.  Unfortunately, they didn't fall.  Obviously Steven Bowditch is playing some good golf.

Q.  What's the most important thing to tell yourself, it may look like the tournament might be slipping away but you still have an opportunity to change it?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah.  One shot at a time.  Last shot counts as much as the first one.  I was trying out there, wasn't going in on the front-9.  Happy that did turn around and I was able to make some birdies.

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