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May 31, 2015

Jimmy Walker


Q.  Is this a tournament you thought you had an opportunity to win?
JIMMY WALKER:  It was close.  I did a lot of really good stuff this week.  I haven't been playing well last three, four weeks.  Really keying on some stuff with the irons.  Hit some good drivers and iron shots and I made a bunch of putts this week and I missed a bunch, too.  It's nice to grab some mojo going into the U.S. Open and finishing the way I did this week is awesome.

Q.  Really, really brilliant eagle birdie at 16, 17, little speed bump at 11 and 12.
JIMMY WALKER:  Yeah.  Not a very good drive on 11.  You know, I crushed it but I hit it too straight.  I was trying to get it to turnover and it didn't.  Unfortunate bogey there missing the putt.  Kind of the same thing on the next hole.  I saved myself on the next making a longer par putt.  That was kind of a bummer.

Q.  Next two weeks off, see you at Chambers Bay and the U.S. Open.
JIMMY WALKER:  Thank you.

Q.  Thank you.  With Jimmy walk.  You looked very, very determined on Saturday to make a run here and you certainly did, a day of really two different putting, five straight one putts that got yourself into contention.
What was the day like with the putter early in the round?
JIMMY WALKER:  It was good.  I was making good strokes.  I missed the putt on 11, I still felt like I kind of made a good stroke, maybe tugged it a hair.  12, the same thing.  Can't keep giving yourself those tap-ins for par if you're going to have a chance to win.

Q.  You didn't need the putt on 16 but the eagle there.  Did you feel like at that point you had given yourself enough of an opportunity to come back and win?
JIMMY WALKER:  I really felt bad missing it, had such a good shot at 15 and missed that one, kind of left it out.  Felt like a decent stroke, too.  I would have liked that to have gone.  I told myself going into 15, you know, birdie, eagle would be big.  But Steven played great today and hats off.

Q.  Obviously just talk about, you know, your round today and bogies on 11, 12.
JIMMY WALKER:  Yeah.  I mean bogey on 11 was a two shot swing with the field.  A short hole.  That really kind of put me behind the 8 ball.  I didn't need to bogey the next hole for sure.
You know, at that point kind of felt like kind of playing, trying to play for 2nd at that point and not just get upset that you probably weren't going to win.  Kept grinding and trying to hit good shots.

Q.  Obviously pretty nice bounce back with the eagle on 16.
JIMMY WALKER:  Yeah, that was cool.  Hit the best drive of the week I hit on 16 up there.  6-iron there.  Caught it low on the club.  Came up a little short.  Needed more height.  Right in the middle.  Talking on 17, I told Andy, this is going right at it.  I did.  I hit it right at it.  Made birdie.  18 was kind of a bummer, hit a good drive and pretty good little side hill.  Was expecting it to tug left.

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