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May 31, 2015

Steven Bowditch


Q.  Well, Steven Bowditch, I guess that classifies as the second best thing that happened to you on this property.  Three and a half years ago you get married here and now the emotion of a win at the AT&T Byron Nelson.
STEVEN BOWDITCH:  Yeah.  It's really fantastic feeling to be have wedding pictures down the 18th green and to be able to go down there shortly and take pictures with the trophy.  As you said, it's the second best thing that's happened to me.

Q.  Can you we talk about a couple specifics shots?  Only the 2nd hole you hit your tee shot on the downhill situation on the hillside but really played an excellent second shot to save a par there.  Tell us about that.
STEVEN BOWDITCH:  I didn't hit a very good shot at all on that tee shot.  Just one of those shots, you know, hit it into the bank and I guess hope and I just trying to roll it anywhere within 10, 15 feet and hopefully I have a good run at the putt.  It ended up one of the best shots I hit all day.

Q.  When on the back-9 did you know, "This is going to be my tournament"?
STEVEN BOWDITCH:  Basically after I hit the tee shot on the last.  I wasn't sure if Jimmy -- I had to tee off before Jimmy, if Jimmy was making that putt on the last so I wasn't a hundred percent sure.  I hit the shot there.

Q.  You're a resident of this area.  How special to win this championship?
STEVEN BOWDITCH:  It's great.  I don't get to play in front of many friends and family often.  It's nice to come out here and perform this good.

Q.  Second PGA TOUR event at the place where you got married.  It was a really great win but you had a couple of times when folks came at you, Dustin Johnson and Jimmy Walker early and then some folks late.
How did you stay calm and manage to compose yourself throughout the day?
STEVEN BOWDITCH:  Probably just sticking to the routine and sticking to your game plan.  Just one of those things such a special place to me and I just wanted to stay patient out there and just hopefully some putts will drop I sort of been lacking the last couple days.  Finally down the stretch started them going in.  It was great to be patient out there and wait for my time.

Q.  When it could have gotten close on 14 and on 16, your short game saved you with a nice par at 14 and the birdie at 16.  Tell me what's so critical about those two holes.
STEVEN BOWDITCH:  You know, it's just -- 14, it's a hundred yard par 3 but can still jump up and get you.  Hit a perfect golf shot and I just went long.  I'm not sure why.  We weren't trying to hit it over.  Trying to hit it 15 yards shorter.  I guess maybe the water.
I hit actually a good shot and made the putt and that's when the nerves and everything really started to kick in and I had to just calm down and hit the shot and see what happened.

Q.  But you looked very calm, calm enough to sign an autograph for a kid before 17 and then you gave yourself a little bit of a heart attack when you hit it a little bit right but managed to catch the part of the green and you make birdie.
With all of that, how nervous were you because you looked like you had everything under control?
STEVEN BOWDITCH:  I guess you probably call it a duck on the pond.  The feet are running, churning a mile a minute.  I'm cruising.  That's how I felt out there.  During that last hole, it was pretty good, a great feeling.

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