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May 31, 2015

Eddie Pepperell


EDDIE PEPPERELL:  It would be a shame for me to be overly disappointed just because of that.  At the end of the day, I had a good weekend, good day today and put myself into a position where I had a chance to win.  On the whole I'm very pleased I think.

Q.  Absolutely, you should be so positive, superb on a blustery day to be bogey‑free?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:  For sure, was able to maintain that, although I did bogey the 19th hole.  Pretty good day.  I played with Lee Westwood and Luke Donald today, as well, which is always nice to play with two guys like that.  Yeah, I'm pleased.

Q.  Give us an indication of just how well Søren Kjeldsen must have played to have won a championship.
EDDIE PEPPERELL:  Very well.  I think obviously his best day today, but what he done yesterday was probably what won him the golf tournaments.  You win golf tournaments over four days and he's proved that.  Only four or five people under par for the tournament; that just shows how difficult it's been.  He's a really good guy and I'm really pleased for him.

Q.  A beautiful silver lining for you:  You qualify for The Open Championship.  What are your thoughts?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:  It's great.  It didn't cross my mind until I walked off the 18th and my caddie told me.  That's a real bonus, and I know my dad and a few friends had already planned to go up there regardless.  So I'll be looking forward to it already.

Q.  Am I right to assume as a kid, it's one of those that you watched and got you into golf?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:  Absolutely.  Watching it all day long, and yeah, that and the Masters were the two I tried to watch as much as I could.  It's going to be great, especially St. Andrews.  Never played an Open before, so for St. Andrews to be my first one is going to be quite special, and the fact that we play there every year I think can only help.  I'll go there pretty confident.

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