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April 12, 2001

Rocco Mediate


LEE PATTERSON: Thank you so much for coming to spend some time with us. Maybe just a couple of thoughts about your good start to the tournament; then we will open it up to questions.

ROCCO MEDIATE: Yeah, it was. The golf course -- the job on this golf course, they got someone who got to come buy and take notes how to do it because this is absolutely scary out there today. When I got here Tuesday, played the front nine, it was just -- couldn't believe it because every other course that has been touched by somebody, they have destroyed. This one they made even better than it was before. And before, it was fine. I just love it even more.


Q. What are some of changes that you noticed, the good changes?

ROCCO MEDIATE: They lengthened the holes they could lengthen. They didn't go crazy and lengthen like 18, 30 yards. They lengthened 3. They lengthened -- 3 and 4 are perfect. I don't think they did anything to 6. If they did, you can't tell. 7 is outstanding. 8 they lengthened which they can because downwind it is still -- you can hit 7-iron in there. It is 470, but it is firm, and if it gets into the wind then it is going to be like it should be, tough. 10 they lengthened which they could afford to do. Left 11 alone, I think. 12 they lengthened which they can afford to do, makes it even a tougher driving hole. 14 I mean we played the front tee shot but I am sure we will play that tee back. Nothing to 15. Can't tell. That is it. The greens sits -- they are perfect. They just did -- 18 is my favorite what they did to the green put it up in the air a little bit and just awesome. But they just made everything better than it was before, which I didn't think there was anything wrong before. I guess they wanted to make the greens better and the greens are -- you can't even pull up a spike mark out there, it is ridiculous how good they are. That is why the scores are good and there is no wind. When the wind does kick up; hopefully it will, it will show its teeth.

Q. Your play recently had -- you got to spend some time in the interview room at Augusta?

ROCCO MEDIATE: Yeah, that was fun.

Q. Do you feel real good about the way you have been playing?

ROCCO MEDIATE: It's coming around. I have been putting good all year. That has been the biggest change in my game. Then my ball hitting has been off. It is like before my ball hitting was really good and putting stunk; now I have really good putting and okay ball hitting, I am just looking for that week where I hit it good all the time and I should do good. I am still waiting. I did it last year on Saturday. I did it today. A lot of pretty good shots today. Still a few bad ones, but I drove it on the fairways today and I have been driving it better too. I drove -- didn't drive it real good beginning of the year. That was one of my strongest points. So I am driving better, so that is the only difference.

Q. Greg talked about how much more relaxed he feels. Can you speak to the decompression factor here? Do you feel that after last week?

ROCCO MEDIATE: Absolutely. This is a great place to come and play golf because it just -- it is the island atmosphere, whatever you want to call it, it is just relaxing. The golf course is always good. You know what you got in front of you. You know you have got to do certain things here or else "See you later." It is just a great place to come, really is. Perfect time after The Masters too, I think, because you go up there, it is insane for seven days; then you come here, it is just real quiet, low key. It will pick up during the weekend, a bunch of people will be here, but I love playing here. I have had a lot of ties here with Jim Ferree in my college years and stuff. Not that I have seen him a lot lately, but I think I will see him this week sometime so I have been around a long time here, since '82 I have been coming here.

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