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May 30, 2015

Rafa Cabrera Bello


Q.  A little disappointed to have bogeyed the last but how pleased overall with a round of 69?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Well, like you say, it's a pity, particularly I missed a short 3‑putt but overall really pleased.  It's been really tough out there, lots of wind, pretty cold and playing in control of my game most of the time.  So really, really happy.  I think it's going to put me in a great position for tomorrow.

Q.  Describe the tee shot at 16?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  I pulled my last driver at the 15th, which got me a bogey, but it was good distance obviously because they had put the tee forward.  I just commit to the shot and aim about 20 yards left of the green, let the wind take it and got lucky, got a really nice bounce over the edge of the green to like 15 feet away, something like that, and rolled it in for eagle.  That was definitely the highlight of the day.

Q.  You said this course is getting your juices flowing because there's so many options and it's making you think.
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Exactly, obviously this year has not been going good so far, not being able to score, but I do feel I'm hitting the ball good, even without being able to score.  I think the swing is good.  The ball, when I'm practicing on the range, everything is good.
Just maybe thinking a little too much about scoring and since this course is so tricky, you kind of like forget a little bit about the score and really only pay attention to the shot you have to hit and that's what has been helping me this week, yes.

Q.  You've given yourself a real chance at winning this Irish Open, are you pleasantly surprised to be in this position?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Not really.  I know that when I play good, I can play really good.  Even though my scores were not happening throughout the year, I do feel I've been playing good and hitting the ball good.  So I was excited to be here.  I've really enjoyed it, despite the adverse ties, I am still enjoying it and hopefully will keep enjoying it tomorrow.

Q.  How have you found it?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Very tough.  This course already without wind is pretty tough.  Today it's been the toughest we've played it.  But overall, three days, pretty similar.  Just lots of wind.  It's been changing a little bit of direction from day‑to‑day.  It's playing a little more gusty an the other days and just really pleased.
I won 2012 in Dubai and many of the top World Ranking players were over there, so I think that's just a bonus.  Just the fact of being up there in contention is what really motivates me, and it's against the world's best players, and like you said, maybe a little extra push that you can perform a few weeks a year against the world's best.

Q.  Obviously has not been the greatest of weather.  How do you wrap your head around playing in conditions like this on such a tough golf course?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Just be patient, know you're going to get some bad breaks without doing much about it.  Just stay patient, try to play smart, miss on the good side, and you need the chipping and putting good obviously.
We'll see what happens tomorrow.  The forecast is not good, but it's no different to what I expected coming here to Ireland.  So far I've been playing good in this tough weather.  We've had plenty of showers.  I don't know about consistent rain but we have had many showers especially in the first two days.  Today the wind maybe picked up a little extra but no rain, so tomorrow we are getting the fully Irish experience.  We'll see what happens.

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