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May 29, 2015

Ben Bishop

Alex Killorn


Tampa Bay – 2
New York - 0

Q.  Ben, you've responded time and time again in these playoffs after a shaky performance.  How much confidence did you have going into this game?
BEN BISHOP:  I felt pretty good.  Obviously, never want to give up that many goals at home, but I felt good with the way I was playing.
Obviously they got some bounces last game and some open looks, so I feel pretty confident in this building, and we've done well against them all year, so I wasn't too worried about it.  I was just looking forward to getting out there again.

Q.  Just kind of to piggyback off that, all the talk is about the Rangers and Lundqvist in Game 7.  Now you're 2‑0, and you have two shutouts.  How does that feel?
BEN BISHOP:  Yeah, it's nice.  Obviously, we all knew his record.  You saw it all over the TV, and there wasn't many people picking us, so it's nice.  It kind of gives you a little bit more‑‑ you don't need much in these games.  But, you know, to kind of break that record at home, I think they were 6‑0, so it's always nice to do that.
But the teams played so well in the last two Game 7s and really haven't given up much.  If we play like we did tonight, we have a pretty good chance every night.

Q.  Ben, after Game 6, you talked about them kind of losing the net in the third period a little bit.  What was it about the structure tonight that made it so effective in front of you?
BEN BISHOP:  Well, we didn't give them much.
Last game they had some open looks, some odd‑man rushes and a couple of seeing-eye pucks.  And tonight the guys were blocking shots, giving up their bodies sacrificing, and it makes a big difference when the guys are out there doing that, and it makes it really easy on me.

Q.  Alex, obviously the first goal in the series has been huge.  Lundqvist had a couple of big saves before that.  What was the emotions or feeling on the bench after you scored that first one?
ALEX KILLORN:  Yeah, I think he had a couple nice ones.  We didn't think it was going to be a nice one because he was making a lot of nice saves on that play.  It was just a seeing‑eye shot.  Just put it to the net.  Filppula had a good screen and Stammer was in front.  Pretty fortunate it went through.

Q.  What are the emotions as the clock ticked down to 0, and then as the guys came towards you there, what were the emotions like?
ALEX KILLORN:  It was a great feeling.  I know with a lot of the guys on our team, especially being Rangers last year, I know they really wanted this.  But more importantly just for us as a team, moving forward after that 7‑3 loss, to just show a resiliency.  We know this is a special group.  We've known that since day one, and to come out and play the way we did tonight, it was huge.
BEN BISHOP:  Yeah, I was just hoping that horn was going to go sooner than later.  It kind of seemed like they were in our zone the last three minutes, so I was just trying to catch my breath and they all came.  It's just an exciting feeling.  You want to get the chance at the beginning of the year to get to the playoffs, and then we got to the playoffs.  And each round you want to give yourself a chance to play for the Stanley Cup, and now we're right there.
And like Killorn says, this is a special group.  We've known that all year.  So to be able to go through it with them, and I think a couple really happy players on our team that were somewhere else last year, are even more excited.

Q.  Is there a feeling of accomplishment or more to accomplish?
BEN BISHOP:  I think both.  Anytime you can play for the Stanley Cup it's pretty fulfilling.  We said after the game we still haven't accomplished anything yet.  You're four wins away.  That's going to be probably the hardest four wins of all of our careers.
So we know there is a lot ahead of us.  Two really good teams in the Western Conference, so we'll just try to get a little bit of rest here in the next couple of days and be ready for whoever we play.

Q.  Ben, when you were growing up playing in St. Louis, what kind of dreams did you have?  Did you ever dream about getting to this or did that ever come up in your head?
BEN BISHOP:  Yeah, absolutely.  You're always dreaming about playing for the Stanley Cup when you're on the street, playing in the driveway and all that stuff.  Do you think it's going to be a reality?  It seems pretty far away when you're that young coming out of St. Louis.  But with a lot of help and hard work, we're here.

Q.  This is for either of you guys.  How intently do you watch the game tomorrow, and do you have a preference as to who you guys play in the Final?
BEN BISHOP:  I think we'll definitely be watching the game.  We've been watching.  I know I've been watching the other series pretty intently.  You know what?  It doesn't really matter who we play.  I think, with one of the teams you have home ice advantage, and that might help a little bit.  But regardless, we can't control what happens tomorrow night.  We can only control ourselves.  With the way we played tonight, we're pretty happy going forward.

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