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May 29, 2015

Mike Garzillo

Sean Leary

Nick Macaione


LSU – 10
Lehigh - 3

THE MODERATOR:  We'll start with the starting pitcher Nick Macaione.  Talk about your night and how the delay affected it.
NICK MACAIONE:  You know, sitting down for two hours definitely didn't help, but I told Coach that I wanted to go back out there and give my team a chance to win, and I knew if I threw strikes and just pounded the zone, my defense would pick up behind me and we'd eventually score some runs and get on the board.
THE MODERATOR:  Mike, you had a big double in the fourth inning to kind of kick off the scoring.  Talk about that.
MIKE GARZILLO:  Oh, it was a great at‑bat.  All of us were just so excited to be down here.  It was a great day for our program.  Just going up there, trying to find a good pitch to hit and driving, got on the board early.
THE MODERATOR:  Sean, do you want to talk about the delay and then also the game, please?
SEAN LEARY:  I'll start by saying this is the first time Mike ever complimented himself in an interview, so I like that.  They're a humble bunch of kids so I was very proud of today.  I think the folks have asked me what are you going to see from Lehigh baseball, and I thought we saw 27 hard outs, guys sprinting on and off the field with energy, and I thought we gave them a battle.  They're a better team than us.  We're fully aware of the talent level and that we'd have our hands full, but if we executed a few more things, our goal was to be in a one‑one game in the seventh and eighth inning and we were real close to that and they extended it because they're talented players and made some plays down the stretch, but from our side I hope folks got a glimpse today of what we're about, and hopefully tomorrow we'll bounce back and hopefully execute a little bit better.

Q.  Coach, the stolen bases, how difficult was that and how did it affect the game?
SEAN LEARY:  Yeah, that was the only item after the game that I talked to the guys about that we were disappointed in.  I thought we executed pretty well except for we did not manage the running game very well today.  I thought they timed us pretty well.  I think if anything with the environment today that caused us to lose our tempo or maybe rush a little bit, I thought it was with guys on base.  Some of them weren't even that competitive.  They were stealing on a one count or a two count, but when we looked at our composite of the day, if we took that element out, boy, that would have been a completely different situation.  A couple of those were followed up with potential double plays.  But I also think that might be‑‑ not might be, it was the quickest team we've played and definitely the smartest baserunning we've seen.  They picked up some cues and run with it.
THE MODERATOR:  Starting pitcher for tomorrow, Coach?
SEAN LEARY:  I'm not sure yet, actually.  We want to see the two opponents.  We have Nick Stephens and Kevin Long available, and we want to look and see who we're going to match up against first.

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