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May 29, 2015

Chris Wood


CHRIS WOOD:  Tricky conditions, a bit of everything again.  Probably a little bit worse than we had yesterday morning, and certainly I would say we've had the slightly harder side of the draw.  But, satisfying to break par today.

Q.  And are you hanging on for grim life out there?
CHRIS WOOD:  It feels like it when you're looking over there and it sort of looks like the world is going to end.
But it's part of links golf, isn't it.  Guys are going to lose their heads this week just moaning at the weather and the tough conditions.  But you know, I've played enough links golf to have enough experience to know that you've just got to keep battling through whatever it throws at you.

Q.  Forgive me, it feels like a long while since those two runs at The Open Championship, but presumably, you draw on that kind of experience still?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, totally.  Yeah, I've got older, probably grown a little bit.  Yeah, it's a long time ago now and I'm due another good result.

Q.  And a good result in The Irish Open; can you forecast what might be needed over the weekend?
CHRIS WOOD:  When I played Tuesday, we were sort of thinking, level par is a good score.  If you're not far around par each day, you won't be too far off.  Don't know, is it four leading now?

Q.  Three leading; you and others.
CHRIS WOOD:  I think if you're sort of not far off 5‑under, it depends how the weather is going to be over the weekend.  Tomorrow is meant to be a little bit better but 5‑ , 6‑under, isn't too far away I don't think.

Q.  And your playing partner, Tyrrell Hatton, he's showing what can be done around here, as well.
CHRIS WOOD:  We both played nicely.  He got off to a flyer today.  I think he was 4‑under through five or something, and it we had a couple of big storms in that.  So I was sort of trying to chase him from the word go, really.

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