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August 11, 1999

Daniel Vacek


ATP: Questions for Daniel.

Q. Can you talk about Patrick's serving tonight?

DANIEL VACEK: I thought he served one of the best I've played him so far. It's extremely difficult on this court to return it. I think he's, yeah, very good serving, very high percentage, very accurate. It's very tough to return. When I put it back, he plays a very good volley.

Q. Are you happy with the way you played or are you disappointed that you came so close?

DANIEL VACEK: No, I think I played pretty good. I'm happy with my performance.

Q. What was the difference?

DANIEL VACEK: I think his serve was better. I think it was more correct. I had more problems returning his serve. At the end when it was more important, he put more first serves in. I think he was more solid.

Q. Were you happier when there weren't things floating in the air around you?

DANIEL VACEK: Yeah, but that doesn't surprise me. It can happen. It's more sad that they still call it Czechoslovakia. The same thing I would call it New Amsterdam. I think that's more sad than the balloons. The people pay, so they want to see some shows, so okay.

Q. Taking you to that painful moment, game six, the double-fault, what happened there? Did you feel your serve abandoned you?

DANIEL VACEK: No. I think I put that serve in, he played extremely well the first point. He passed me down the line. It was a very good point. I was constantly behind that game, so sometimes it's very difficult when you have to catch up, and you down a set, 3-4, it's quite difficult. He played the right point. I can be disappointed with the double-fault at the end.

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