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May 29, 2015

Richie Ramsay


Q.  Is it round of 67 and a score like that one of those that you would slap the hand off anybody that offered it?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah, definitely.  It was tricky the last probably six or seven holes.  There's a few squalls came in which made it a little bit colder but used to that.  Got to try to embrace it.  When you're not playing your best, you've got to just scramble out there.
I hit some really good shots today but the most important thing is when I hit a poor shot, I rebounded well, I got up‑and‑down.  A little bit disappointed I didn't get up‑and‑down on the last but 67 is a great score out there, and great atmosphere, when the putts go in, there's nice cheers and stuff and I think everybody is having a great time out there.

Q.  Am I right to assume your up bringing in Aberdeen prepares for anything the elements might throw at you?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah, it does.  Royal Aberdeen is one of the best links courses in the world.  The front nine is unbelievable.  I think there's some holes out there that resemble that, especially the first when you walk down with the dunes either side.
Coming to Ireland, I've always tended to do well in Ireland for some reason.  I was saying before, I think there's a lot of support.  Ireland is full of fantastic golf courses.  You put those ingredients in and only good things can come from it.

Q.  Does that mean you fancied your chances coming in?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah, it was going to be tough.  It's a fantastic field.  But chasing World Ranking points and getting up that Race to Dubai is a good goal for me.  If I can do it this week on a course that probably does suit my game, all the better.

Q.  Has it helped that your caddie is from this part of the world, as well?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah, he lives in Carnoustie now.  He knows how to play links golf and he knows how sometimes you have to hold the ball in the wind or ride it in the wind on the bounce and things.  That does probably help, but it's just one of those things that the Irish and the Scottish are very good or very accustomed to playing this kind of golf, and long may it continue, especially this week.

Q.  What do you fancy was a winning score?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  All depends on the conditions.  I would be surprised if it got to double digits under par.  I thought at the start of the week if someone was like 7‑ or 8‑under, I thought that would be a hell of a score.  But it's really all dependent on the weather.  If you're out in the morning or afternoon, it can change dramatically, so it's nice to get my 67 in in the morning, and most of the sunshine, and you'll be in for a cup of tea now.

Q.  Never nice to finish with a bogey but overall, I would imagine you're very happy with your round?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah, really happy.  Played some really good stuff out there.  Most importantly, when I wasn't at my best, I got up‑and‑down.  Keep that momentum going.  On a golf course like this, you've just got to sometimes dig in there and it can be a bit of a battle, especially when the wind gets up and some squalls come in.  But I think the support of the guys today was incredible.  They are so proud of the event and a golf course like this and supporting Rory and lots of guys coming to play.  It just makes it all the better for the guys to do well.

Q.  Condition not to everybody's liking but I sense you actually do enjoy it?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah, I said to one of the guys.  You have two options here:  You can kind of moan about it like I don't want to be here or you embrace it and you think, oh, it's going to be a great challenge out there.  I just mentioned all the fantastic things we have going for this event.  If we got a couple of days of really nice weather on the weekend, I think that would be fair for the crowds who have turned out in numbers today.

Q.  What type of score do you think might win this on Sunday?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Not too sure.  Anything under par out there is a good score, whether it be 1‑under par or 5‑under par, and you've just got to keep going.  A lot of it is probably weather dependent, so we'll just have to take it one shot at a time and see the what weather is like on the weekend.

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