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May 28, 2015

Leona Lafaele

Haylie McLeney

Patrick Murphy

Alexis Osorio

Demi Turner


Michigan 5 - Alabama - 0

THE MODERATOR: Now we have, to my right, University of Alabama head coach Patrick Murphy, student-athlete Demi Turner, student-athlete Haylie McCleney, student-athlete Leona Lafaele, student-athlete Alexis Osorio. General comments from Coach.

COACH MURPHY: Michigan played a great game. Congrats to them. Their pitcher was awesome. They had two key hits. And I mean other than those two big swings, (Alexis Osorio) Lexi pitched a good game. We just didn't do enough offensively to support her. And I always tell them, you know, winning or losing doesn't happen by accident. You have to do something to win; and then on the other side of it, unfortunately, you don't do enough of other things when you lose. And we had way too many 0-fers. I think we only had one kid at second base. You're not going to win many games against a very good team offensively like that. We had to put some more pressure on them and we didn't do that.


Q. Haylie, Demi and Patrick, can you talk about the lack of production at the top of the lineup, in particular the small ball game at times you've been able to create chaos and things and you're just not getting them wanting to do anything lately?
COACH MURPHY: Andrea (Hawkins) did a nice job as a pinch-hitter. Demi (Turner) did a nice job in the first inning to make a good play on her. Other than that, there just wasn't enough of that. And we continually did the same thing over and over, three pop-ups in a row or something like that. Again, against a very good team, a very good pitcher, you're not going to win many ballgames like that.

HAYLIE MCLENEY: Along with what Coach Murphy said, you have to make adjustments every at-bat. And we didn't really do a good job of creating offense. It was, like you said, over and over. And we just didn't do it.

DEMI TURNER: Like both of them said, we just didn't do it, and the whole game we're saying we're just missing everything. And it's time to make a change. I went to hitting, simple, just tired of missing.

Q. Alexis, want to ask about the home run, the grand slam they hit. What do you remember about that pitch, I think it was a 3-2 pitch?
ALEXIS OSORIO: They're a really good hitting team. So hats off to them. And I missed my spot. So they're a really good hitting team.

Q. For all the players and for Patrick: Patrick, you've been in this situation before, losing in the first and having come through the loser's bracket. I guess nobody, the players have. What do you tell them about it, and for the players what do you know what your path has to be and what you have to do to make this a successful run?
COACH MURPHY: Well, the great thing it's a double elimination tournament. So we get to play again. And actually one year we played Michigan, and it was -- we played poorly and they played great. I think they beat us maybe 7 to 1. And we came back and we played great on Saturday, won two games. Got to Sunday, and I mean -- I don't think anybody was nervous tonight. I don't think we overlooked them. It was just she pitched a hell of a game and we just didn't string anything together and now we have another opportunity. And we know whoever it's going to be is going to be a very good team, because everybody that's here is dang good. And you have to respect the hell out of everybody that's here and just get a little more fight, a little more grit and hopefully we'll show everybody the real Alabama. Because we have another opportunity.

ALEXIS OSORIO: We can't let this game affect us. We just have to go back out there tomorrow and just have a short-term memory and make the adjustments that we need to make as a whole.

LEONA LAFAELE: Like (Alexis Osorio) Lex said and (Patrick Murphy) Murph, thankfully it's a double elimination. And for the players it's all about just living in the moment, having a short-term memory and really playing to fight to wear the jersey again. That's what it's all about.

HAYLIE MCLENEY: I mean, we lost the first game to Oklahoma. This team has a lot of grit. We're going to show it. Like they said, you've got to have a short-term memory. Why not us? Has anyone ever lost the first game and won it twice, let's be the third. Let's make history. Why not us? I believe in this team. I believe in everyone up here I believe in everyone that's out there signing autographs right now that we can do it. And everyone else believes that too. Why not us?

DEMI TURNER: Like they said, we'll stay within ourselves, take one game at a time and play Alabama softball.

Q. Leona, you're kind of an emotional leader of this team. What's this mean for you this opportunity to reenergize things after this loss?
LEONA LAFAELE: I think we just really need to live in the moment and like not let this affect us and don't get too high. Don't get too low. Just forget about it, learn from it, learn how to make adjustments and really come out on fire, because like (Patrick Murphy) Murph said, every single team here is good and we can't overlook anyone, and so we've got to come out with our hair on fire, whenever our next game is, just come out to play.

Q. For the three hitters, what made their pitcher so good what was she doing that kept you off strides so much?
LEONA LAFAELE: She did a really good job at just hitting her spots. And I think for myself I didn't make an adjustment. I didn't do a good job of laying off the rise ball or laying off or seeing the changeup. I think we could have just done a really better job at just adjusting us as players. She's going to pitch the way she does. It's us as hitters that have to make the adjustments.

HAYLIE MCLENEY: Along with what Leona (Lafaele) said, we didn't really help ourselves. She was hitting her spots all night. Her changeup was one of the most effective I've seen all year. She was getting us to swing in the dirt and she was getting us to swing at pitches over our head. We didn't do a good job of adjusting at all. And when you're swinging at pitches that really aren't in the strike zone, that pitcher is going to be effective. But hats off to her. She pitched one heck of a game, one of the best I've seen her pitch all season. So it was tough tonight, for sure.

DEMI TURNER: Like they both said, she pitched a great game. We've just got to stay within ourselves and make adjustments throughout the game, stop doing the same thing over and over again.

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