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May 28, 2015

James Hahn


Q.  Can you just talk about your round a little bit, please?
JAMES HAHN:  Sure.  Eight birdies, I think, 8 birdies, 5 bogies -- no.  Three bogies, I'm sorry.  5-under for the day.  I made a lot of putts.  You know, I made seemed like a 40-footer on Hole 1.  After I made the turn and hit the ball good off the tee, put myself in position to hit a lot of greens but I didn't hit a lot of greens so I just really capitalized on the opportunities that I had for the day.

Q.  So scrambling was a big key for you today or not?
JAMES HAHN:  I didn't feel like I scrambled that well.  I made 3 bogies today.  You know, I can't remember how many greens that I hit for the day but three bogies.  I would say I hit -- missed five greens so scrambling wasn't too good.  But, overall, just was able to make some birdie putts, the ones I was supposed to make and made a couple extra coming in.

Q.  How would you describe playing conditions?  Were the fairways started to dry out a little?
JAMES HAHN:  Not really.  The fairways are definitely wet out there but, you know, we're playing lift, clean and place.  Anytime you're hitting in the middle of the fairway or anywhere in the fairway you can place it on a somewhat flat and not so wet lie.
But, overall, I feel like the conditions of the golf course were fair for the amount of rain that we've gotten over the last couple weeks.  I think the last month it seems like.  So, to have it playable in these conditions, you know, credit to the maintenance staff.

Q.  How about the height of the fairway?  They haven't been mowed since last Wednesday.  Is that noticeable or does it affect play at all?
JAMES HAHN:  It is noticeable but once again you're playing lift, clean and place.  It is matted down in certain areas because we're walking in the fairways.  But you have 180 degrees of a driver lane.  You sure you can find a decent lie from that square footage.

Q.  They're hoping to be able to mow out here after today's round if we don't get any rain.
JAMES HAHN:  If they do that would be great but if not, it's still playable.  The course is in great condition.  The greens are rolling great.  They're starting to firm up a little bit.  It's going to be fun.

Q.  What was the impetus to change your ball flight on your draw -- draw to a fade?
JAMES HAHN:  I got bored.  I was missing the ball left.  I like the extra distance off the tee but I do want to hit more fairways.  In order for me to be competitive I need to hit mores fairways.  I decided to hit a fade one day and just gone through that swing change right now.

Q.  When was that decision made?
JAMES HAHN:  I'd say Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Monday night looking at -- on YouTube and played with Charl Schwartzel and has a great swing and I looked up his swing on YouTube and try to mimic some things he's doing in his swing.

Q.  Seems kind of drastic.
JAMES HAHN:  It's real easy.  No.  You go online.  I'll have to tell you all about it.

Q.  Now self-taught, is that it?
JAMES HAHN:  Pretty much.  I feel like I can copy swings fairly easy.  It's hard for me to learn if someone tells me what to do but if you show me what to do I feel like I can pick it up pretty fast.

Q.  Does he know he's the motivation for your swing change?  Have you --
JAMES HAHN:  Probably not.  Depending on how it goes this week, it could be Charl one day and Justin Rose another day and just kind of go through the list.  There's about a million swings on the Internet.  Just trying to figure out who is hot for the week.

Q.  Considering that you did make this change, are you a bit surprised that you played so well today?  It's not like people generally change their swing and turn it around just like that.
JAMES HAHN:  The changes that I have been making aren't so drastic.  It's not like I'm doing the complete swing makeover.  It's just tweaking some of my -- some of the things that I'm doing in my swing where it's the transition and ball position and alignment and just all the basics to hit a powerful fade.  I feel like any chance you can hit a fade the same distance as a draw and hit more fairways I think that's definitely an advantage out here.

Q.  Did you get more distance today?
JAMES HAHN:  No, I did not.  My fades tend to rise up a little quick.  Lot of back spin.  Probably lost 8 to 10 yards off the tee.  But, then again, I'm hitting more fairways.  So, I'll take that any day.

Q.  When is the last time you went with a fade swing?
JAMES HAHN:  I really can't remember.  I know exactly a year ago at this tournament I was working on the same thing just trying to hit a fade and, you know, perfect example Hole 1 it's a fade off the tee and Hole 3 is a fade off the tee.
The course kind of dictates what shots I need to hit off the tee and I just feel like this week was a good week to go ahead and make that change.

Q.  You mentioned the conditions today.  Do you feel like they favor longer players?
JAMES HAHN:  Absolutely.  We're not getting any roll off the tee.  So, if you could fly it further than everyone else that's a huge advantage.  For the people who hit low balls, you know, you can flight them in the wind a little bit better but you're not getting any roll.  I feel like guys like Dustin Johnson has a huge advantage over guys like us.

Q.  Let me ask just one quick question.  Does it mean anything special to you to be playing in the Byron Nelson because of Byron Nelson or sort of another stop on the schedule?
JAMES HAHN:  No, this is -- this is my fourth straight week and usually I don't play four straight but the fact that it's the Byron Nelson, it's got a great venue and put so much effort into making the conditions good for us.
I feel like it's kind of an honor to be here and I feel like it's a great tournament, great crowd support and, you know, anytime they ask me to come out I definitely come out and play this golf course.

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