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May 27, 2015

Stephen Curry


Warriors テや 104
Rockets - 90

Q.テつ Steph, you're the MVP, you're head the to The Finals.テつ I know you want to go game by game and you have a lot to think about and a lot ahead of you but what are you feeling like right now?
STEPH CURRY:テつ Very proud and happy how we played tonight.テつ Everybody on the court produced, made plays.テつ The guys in here before me, HB, can't say enough about his performance tonight on both ends of the floor, stepping up in big moments, and it's just a proud moment for I think everybody in the Bay Area just to be four wins away from our goal, and that's a special feeling we've got to take a week off to get ready and get our minds right and our game plan right for how we're going to beat Cleveland, and excited about it.

Q.テつ Can you describe the mood before the doors opened up and everybody came in when it was just you guys?テつ Was there much celebrating going on?
STEPH CURRY:テつ It was special, I think, because everybody was kind of enjoying the moment.テつ We wanted to appreciate the moment, not take it for granted because it was something that we've been waiting for and wanted to close out tonight, but you kind of take it for what it is because you have four more wins and you don't want to get too ahead of yourself.テつ We're going to appreciate what we've done because we've got to be proud of winning the Western Conference.テつ That was tough all year long, and we're excited about the next step.

Q.テつ When you talk to the Rick Barrys and the former championship team, what did you learn from your conversations with them and did you get a real idea how long it's been since the franchise has got this opportunity from talking to them?
STEPH CURRY:テつ It was good conversation.テつ They came in was it about a month ago, and just kind of talked about the camaraderie of the team and what it took to win a championship and what it means for them 40 years later, and for us to just keep our head down, stay determined to work, and we can appreciate that feeling hopefully soon.
It was good inspiration for us because they're some guys that have been around the block and can come back and still celebrate what they accomplished 40 years ago, so we're going to hopefully get that done tonight or next series and be that team.

Q.テつ Did you ever realize how much you would have to give to get an NBA championship?テつ I mean, you landed on your head, Klay is bleeding from his ear.テつ You guys may be quiet guys and passive guys, but you're extremely tough guys, as well.テつ Talk about that, please.
STEPH CURRY:テつ Yeah, we're very resilient and there's obviously storylines all throughout the Playoffs and things that you have to get to to win a championship, and everybody has got to be locked in.テつ Everybody has got to be determined to whatever comes our way, we've got to be able to fight through it.テつ I was able to give something last game, try to get back out there and get a win Game 4, didn't happen.テつ Klay comes out after getting hit in the head and he's bleeding from the ear, like you said, and he's able to impact the game.テつ HB, not knowing when his shots are going to come, always ready for the moments.テつ There's little storylines that you can find throughout each series, each game that are pretty special moments that you need to win a championship.

Q.テつ You take your daughter the second time.テつ Talk about that.
STEPH CURRY:テつ I think she's taking advantage of the moment for sure.テつ She's way too comfortable.

Q.テつ Obviously this is going to be Warriors against Cavaliers.テつ It's a team game, but we're all going to look at the battle of MVPs, and I'm just curious if you have even had a second to wrap your head around the fact that you're going up against LeBron James?
STEPH CURRY:テつ Yeah, he's been here plenty of times before, five straight Finals appearances, I think, so we've got to bring our A game if we're going to beat a great team and a great player like that four times, and we're excited about the challenge.テつ He had to win his first one at some point, and nobody on our team has experienced that, so we're going to be fighting like crazy every night.テつ We've got home‑court advantage that we need to capitalize on, and it's going to be a battle and it's going to be fun.テつ This is what every player dreams about when you come into the league, playing for a championship.テつ You're four wins away from your goal, and we're excited about it.

Q.テつ You've always been a really confident person and very optimistic, but back in 2012 before all this started, did you think it would turn around this quickly?テつ Does this surprise you how quickly this all turned around?
STEPH CURRY:テつ You never know exactly when it's going to happen.テつ You've got to be ready to take advantage of a team that has so much talent, obviously Coach Kerr came in and has done a great job of taking us to the next level.テつ Six years is kind of a long time, since I've been here, and a lot of work has gone into it, and obviously it's not just me.テつ I'm pretty proud of everybody that's a part of this journey, and it's going to be a special journey to ride these next two weeks, two or three weeks, to finish off the job.テつ Six years is a long time to wait.テつ Obviously the Bay Area has been waiting 40‑plus years.テつ I think it's time.

Q.テつ You mentioned your coach just a few minutes ago in your comments there, and I'm curious, it seems to me the key moment for this franchise might have been before the season started when he was named coach and it was a very controversial thing getting rid of Mark Jackson and bringing in this rookie coach who had a great pedigree and everybody liked the guy but we didn't know what he was going to be like to be as coach.テつ What was the initial reaction from the players and how did he embrace you guys and how did you embrace him?
STEPH CURRY:テつ It's been a tough summer.テつ It's been well documented we came off a seven‑game series against the Clippers and it was a shock to have a coaching change, but I assessed it as kind of two separate decisions.テつ I didn't agree with the first one, but you've got to make the right hire, and I think they did that.テつ Obviously they did that.テつ We hit the ground running in training camp with his philosophy of ball movement, player movement, obviously keeping the defense that we've established the last two years the same and taking it to another level.テつ He's a humble guy that understands he took over a talented team, and he's very fortunate that we've had some experiences under our belt and we can‑‑ we're not rebuilding or anything, so we're poised to have a great season, and I think we've exceeded a lot of people's expectations, but this is something that as players we've been eyeing, and it's nice to have ourselves where we are, four wins away from a championship.

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