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May 27, 2015

Duncan Keith

Jonathan Toews


Chicago ¬Ė 5
Anaheim - 2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for the guys.

Q.  Jonathan, the way this has been a battle, is it almost deserving to go seven games?
JONATHAN TOEWS:¬† Yeah, no doubt.¬† I think both teams at times have found it tough, obviously as we've seen, to put two wins back‑to‑back.
I think we've always done a good job of coming back hard after a loss, evening up the series, giving ourselves a chance to stay alive.
I think they've done a good job of going back and stealing the momentum when we have it.  I think when you get to this point, everybody says Game 7, anything can happen.  It's what we truly believe.  We got to try and change that trend in the next one.

Q.  Jonathan, I know Duncan doesn't like talking about himself, so can you put into words how good he was that second period.
JONATHAN TOEWS:  Well, I mean, there's nights where you look at the score sheet and you see how great he can be, how pivotal, how much he means to our team, especially in these big games.
But I think whether he's on the score sheet, whether he's making those plays, he's there every night making that difference no matter what.
I think we always know that in the locker room.¬† We've seen it in previous years in the playoffs, games like tonight where it's must‑win.¬† You can definitely count on him stepping up and being one of our best players, if not our best player.
He's all over the rink.  Seems like he never runs out of energy.  Pretty amazing game tonight.

Q.  Duncan, you have won two Stanley Cups on the road.  You've had huge games on the road before.  Does that add to the confidence you would have going into Anaheim for this one?
DUNCAN KEITH:  Well, I think, yeah, we've got a lot of experience in playoffs.  We know Anaheim's a tough building.  We've had some good games there this year, and this year in playoffs.
It's like anything else, though.  I think it's one game.  It's just a matter of going out there and executing in the one game.
Like I said, we've got experience being on the road.  You try to draw on that as much as you can, do the best you can.

Q.  Duncan, you're famous for your workout regimen.  Have you lost weight in the playoffs?  Do you have trouble keeping the weight on?
DUNCAN KEITH:  I don't hardly weigh myself, so I don't know what I weigh.
I've always taken pride in working out and training.  When I was younger, I was never a big guy, I'm still not the biggest guy.  It's a way to try and maybe even the playing field in some ways.  I'm a little smaller, so try to use everything I can to my advantage.
But at the same time we've got guys on our team that are hard workers.  The guy sitting next to me works just as hard.  It's not me, it's the team.  Certainly I train hard in the gym.  I don't know if it gets talked about a little too much or what, because I think everybody in the game today nowadays trains hard, works hard, does their due diligence off the ice.

Q.  Jonathan, you put up 38 hits tonight, many of them very punishing.  Was that the talk coming into this game, being a little more physical?
JONATHAN TOEWS:¬† Yeah, I mean, I think to a certain degree it's kind of been the talk all series, that they've been trying to wear us down, out‑play us on the physical side.¬† There's always comments in our group that we can respond to that and turn the tables a little bit.
I think tonight it was mostly our energy that got us going and translated into that physical play.  Guys like Bicks were really getting us going on that note.
I think when you're excited to play, you understand what's at stake in a big game like this, everyone can contribute in that way.  I think it gets everyone excited.

Q.  People outside are the always marvel at how a team like yours with so many good players finds a level at the last minute like you did tonight.  Why do you have to wait till a game like this to get that level?  Where does it come from?  Why is there always a higher level to find when you need it?
JONATHAN TOEWS:  I don't know if it's the fact that we want to wait to this point to bring that out of us.  I think you see Anaheim really raising their play as every game goes along, as well.
We give everything we got.  As games get more and more important, I think you dig deeper and deeper.  That's pretty much the most you can do.  That's all you can ask from your teammates and yourself.
When we realize our season's on the line, we kind of think back to everything that went into us getting to this point, we realize the opportunity we have, the group that we have, throw everything in the mix.  That's your motivation right there, to go throw everything at them.
When you do that, you let the chips fall.  I think we have the ability, the talent, the character, the experience to turn things in our favor on a night like tonight.

Q.  Jonathan, this will be your fourth Game 7 since you've been with the Blackhawks.  Talk about what is special about a Game 7, the kind of thing you do in playing in it.
JONATHAN TOEWS:  To elaborate on what I was saying before, I think you raise your play every game as you go deeper and deeper into a series.
I think as a hockey player, you want to talk about the clich√© of growing up as a kid, playing on the backyard rink, pretending you're playing that Game 7.¬† You think of that as the ultimate test for any player to see what you got, to see what you can bring in a high‑pressure situation like that.
I think that's the exciting thing.  Again, we can resort to our experience in these situations and just feel confident.  We're going to go work.  Fate's on our side.  We'll find a way to make things happen.
I think, I was saying a moment ago as well, we want to reverse the trend of alternating games back and forth with this team.  I think we're feeling good about our game right now.  We know we got another step to make if we want to finish the series off on the road.

Q.  Duncan, what do you remember of Game 7 last year in the conference final?  Is it fitting you have a chance at redemption?
DUNCAN KEITH:  Yeah, just like every game this playoff, every series, there can be momentum swings, ups and downs throughout a game.  I think knowing that, knowing that experience, obviously we want to have a good start, but knowing they're going to get some chances, they're going to have some time with the puck.
It's just a matter of playing our game.  Whatever adversity gets thrown our way, just fight through that and deal with it.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, guys.
DUNCAN KEITH:  Thank you.

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