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May 27, 2015

Martin Kaymer


Q.  Martin, give us your impression of this golf course.
MARTIN KAYMER:  It's a tough one.  The first nine, they are a little bit difficult to find the right lines.  I think it takes two, three times to play the golf course to know the lines properly.
The back nine is a little bit more open.  But in general it was a really fun golf course to play.  I enjoy playing this golf course more than anything really.  You have to be very, very creative.  You have to expand your mind‑set a little bit.  You have to be very open.
So for me, it's an outstanding golf course.  Nice views, nice looks.  But it's a little bit tricky if you only play it once or twice.

Q.  Tell me about Rory McIlroy's role in you playing The Irish Open this year.
MARTIN KAYMER:  Actually it happened last year.  I went to play the Grand Slam of Golf, we were just chatting away and he brought up The Irish Open that he's involved, and he asked if I had time to play.  Obviously it's a very difficult one with our schedule.  But hopefully if I play here, maybe one time he will come to Germany.  It's just what you do.  It's a great event and very good field this week, a lot of World Ranking points, a good golf course.  And it's very easy traveling‑wise coming from Wentworth straight here.  If we can do favors to other players, helping the Tour and helping the golf in their countries, why not.

Q.  You played The Irish Open before.  How special is the atmosphere on the course?  The crowds are unprecedented.
MARTIN KAYMER:  Without taking anything away from the Irish crowd, it's just in general playing in Great Britain, obviously Ireland is very close and is part of the whole thing.  It's really, really enjoyable.  So I don't know, for me, it's a natural thing.  I enjoy playing in Great Britain so much.  I enjoy playing those golf courses.  Coming to one of the most beautiful countries‑‑ it's just stunning.  Just look around, it's a beautiful place.  And combined all that with the fans, it's a very successful tournament.

Q.  On a light‑hearted note, would it be sensible to beat Rory McIlroy in front of his own fans?
MARTIN KAYMER:  Playing in your home country, it's the toughest thing.  Expectations are really high.  When he arrives, at the car park yesterday, there were a lot of fans already around his car.  It's very different.  It's very difficult to focus on what you actually have to do.

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