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May 27, 2015

Rickie Fowler


SCOTT CROCKETT:  Thank you for coming in and joining us.  Welcome to Northern Ireland, welcome to The Irish Open.  Welcome back.  Royal County Down 2007 the Walker Cup.  Give us your thoughts on being back here this year for the Irish Open.
RICKIE FOWLER:  Definitely excited about the week.  Excited to get the invite from Rory, when we knew the event was going to be something he was going to be a part of with his foundation, and so been looking forward to getting over here and Royal County Down is one of my favourites, always has been since we played the Walker Cup here in 2007, and some great memories from that.
I really enjoyed getting to see the golf course again the past few days.  Got to see good weather and a little bit of rain and wind today.  So we'll see what the rest of the week has to hold for us and yeah, just ready to get things going.
SCOTT CROCKETT:  The players tell us your game is in pretty decent shape.  Give us your thoughts on your game going into this week.
RICKIE FOWLER:  Coming off a great win.  This is my first start back.  Different style of golf over here but links golf is my favourite.  I really enjoy getting to hit the different shots and thinking my way around the golf course.  With that being said, I really enjoy getting to play nine holes or so in some weather out there and just work my way around the course.
The game feels good.  Excited to get back at it and want to get myself back in contention.

Q.  You mentioned that links golf is your favourite form of the game.  Is your love affair with it, was it first kindled with that Walker Cup here?  Are you coming back to the roots of that? 
RICKIE FOWLER:  A little bit.  The guy I learned how to play golf from had some Scottish ties.  I think it was his grandfather was the head pro at North Berwick.  So the way he taught me to play golf and play shots definitely translated into links golf.  I always had fun and enjoyed that.  But I think Walker Cup was one of my first times getting to enjoy links golf and play a few courses over here.
Yeah, I've loved it just because it gives me the opportunity to go out and hit shots and have some fun.

Q.  Can you tell us the name of the coach?
RICKIE FOWLER:  Barry McDonnell.

Q.  Do you feel like in the wake of The Players, you're now underrated?
RICKIE FOWLER:  I think I'm rated just how I want to be.  I've been playing well.  Just nice to get things to click and put myself in a position where first two days I didn't score very well, and kind of held on through the weekend and then when things started to go right, I was able to take advantage of that.
Had to wait a long time to get another win but couldn't really have been at a better time.  One of the best tournaments we play and best field that we play.  So excited about that and excited about going forward to further being in contention and keeping it fun.

Q.  Do you think that could be the launch pad to so many near misses last year in the majors and for this year to kick on?
RICKIE FOWLER:  I wouldn't mind that.  I look back to a close friend, Jimmy Walker, who had kind of been in a similar situation, great player, being in contention, didn't really get the job done and then once he got one, he started rattling them off.  I want mind being in that position and being in that position this week, getting back in contention and see where we can go with it.

Q.  It's a little bit early to ask you this, but wondering if you have got some sense of the appetite for golf here and just how popular the sport here is and what it means to the people of Northern Ireland to have guys like you here?
RICKIE FOWLER:  You can see it just from today, the amount of fans that were out.  I don't think they mind what the weather is.  They are out here to see some great golf.  Rory has been able to help out and assemble a great field here this year.  Yeah, they definitely love their golf here.  It's fun to be over here and see their enthusiasm about it.

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