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May 26, 2015

Jon Cooper


New York テや 7
Tampa Bay テや 3

Q.テつ You said you guys obviously didn't want to get back on a plane to go to New York.テつ Now that you are, how do you think the team's going to respond?
COACH COOPER:テつ How do I think we're going to respond?テつ We're going to respond the same way we have every time our backs are against the wall.テつ You've watched it happen all year.テつ You know how they'll come out.

Q.テつ Take us through the start of the third period.テつ What happened there that turned this thing around, it seems?
COACH COOPER:テつ I think for five straight periods, we played really, really well.テつ We played defense.テつ We created chances.テつ We just didn't turn pucks over.テつ We thought we were playing a 2‑1 game.テつ Unfortunately, we weren't winning 2‑1.
And I think in a matter of seven or eight minutes there in that third period, we gave up more scoring chances and turned over more pucks, more than we did in all of Game 5 combined, the 60‑minute game.
For our team, as a group, we've never been this far before, and so it's just more lessons learned, and sometimes you have to go to the school of hard knocks to find out what works and what doesn't.
We've got a young group.テつ They've played some unreal hockey here to get us this far, and we showed if we're not going to play the proper way, a really, really good hockey team is going to beat you, and that's what they did.テつ It's a lesson learned.

Q.テつ Speaking of lesson learned, some of the guys were mentioning how they were trying to tie it up in one shift, they were trying to press and do too much.テつ Is that kind of what you're talking about?
COACH COOPER:テつ I think maybe.テつ I thought we had a good mindset going into the third.テつ We just can't turn pucks over like we did.テつ We just kept turning them over again and again, and that's why we stayed in our zone the whole time.テつ We made a few panic plays that they capitalized and kept pucks in.
And then we‑‑ after that we just stopped playing "D".テつ And this happened to us in Game 4.テつ So, unfortunate, because would have loved to have won this game in front of our fans, but going to get up tomorrow and still read the newspaper and see that we're still playing.テつ We'll take it.

Q.テつ Do you see any benefit now having two days off before Game 7 to get ready for that one?
COACH COOPER:テつ Yes.テつ For our team it is much needed.テつ We need rest and we need to get healthy, and this extra day is going to be good for us.

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