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May 26, 2015

Alain Vigneault


New York テや 7
Tampa Bay テや 3

Q.テつ I know you've been through this now a lot, two years with this team.テつ Does whatever this team does in elimination games, does it ever take you by surprise or is this just what you expect to get from your group?
COACH VIGNEAULT:テつ Well, I expected our group to get ready, prepare themselves and give ourselves a chance to win this game, and I think that's what our group did.
We came out, we capitalized early on our chances.テつ And after that, our goaltender was asked to make some big saves, which he did.
But in the third period, with our season on the line, we probably played our best period of this series so far.テつ So we wanted a chance, and we got a chance.

Q.テつ Looked like it was going to be another one‑goal game after the second.テつ What changed for you guys in the third?
COACH VIGNEAULT:テつ Basically we talked in between the second and the third about not sitting back and making more plays with the puck.
And then the second period there, we had tough times getting through the neutral zone, and then we did it early on in the third.テつ And Brassard's line was obviously unbelievable.テつ Like I just said, we've got a chance at a Game 7.

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