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May 25, 2015

Joel Quenneville


Anaheim – 5
Chicago - 4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for coach.

Q.  As good as that comeback was, how frustrating, aggravating, whatever you want to call it, were those first 20 minutes for the guys?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, it was a great comeback, a great second, a great third, amazing finish, tough in the overtime.
We didn't start on time for the first time in the series.  They talked about being ready.  Might have been the differential.  But great comeback.

Q.  Coach, the emotional rollercoaster in just about every game in this series, how does this affect you going forward do you think now that you're going back home into a Game 6 where it's all on the line?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  It was a big game tonight.  Next game gets bigger.  We got to be ready to rise to that challenge, go home, just try to win one game.

Q.  Joel, seventh time there were three goals in one period, them scoring so quickly.  Do you have any explanation for the lapses in stretches like that?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, I mean, we have big periods offensively, as well.  But key shifts of quick goals is something we haven't dealt with before.  We got to make sure we got to kill that.

Q.  Joel, that comeback you guys had first, what can you say about how Toews played the last two minutes?  Is there any way you can kind of use that as momentum going into the next game?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, it's been pretty even outside of the start to the game for them.  Put ourselves back with a great second period.  Did a lot of good things.  Now you're down two, it doesn't look very good.  Johnny comes up with two gigantic goals that give us a chance to win.
You know, I think his career in big‑game moments, Johnny, I'll let them speak for themselves.

Q.  Teravainen, young guy, but how much maturity is he showing in a game like tonight?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Good patience, play recognition.  Nice to see him score a big goal for us, as well.  He's got a nice shot through the middle of the ice.
But that line got going there, gave us a good push there starting that second.

Q.  Coach, second period you were able to turn the tables.  Wondering if that's something you can build off of.  Describe why you had such success in the second period.
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  We started moving.  First period we were very stationary, played in our end, didn't get pucks out, didn't get in shooting lanes.
We weren't skating.

Q.  Much of the story here, everybody is saying the wear‑down factor.  How much of that do you see whatsoever to this point in this series and can it be a factor from your end?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, wear‑down, I don't know.  It's been very close.  Every game's competitive.  Didn't get to see how the overtime played out in the other two games.  Certainly the fact we were able to come back in the second and third periods.  I don't know.  I'll let you guys determine that.

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