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May 25, 2015

Matt Beleskey

Ryan Getzlaf


Anaheim – 5
Chicago - 4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Matt, seemed like you started the game on one of the lower lines and finished the game scoring the game winner.  How would you describe your emotions throughout the contest?
MATT BELESKEY:  Yeah, you know, I talked to Bruce yesterday.  He said he wanted to give them a different look, kind of balance the lines out a little more.  Just kind of switch it up.
I thought Fleisch played great with them early.  It was nice to get back with them at the end.  Obviously it was great to get that goal.

Q.  Ryan, despite the fact it's an overtime game and Chicago scores some late goals, you had the longest stretch of dominant play in this series.  Are you seeing some separation?  Are you feeling like you're making some headway here?
RYAN GETZLAF:  Yeah.  We played a good hockey team.  We came out the way we wanted to.  You always want to come out and respond after a loss, especially in overtime like that.  Traveled home, did what we needed to do to regroup and get back out there.
We played a pretty good hockey game out there.  Aside from the two goals at the end of the game, we controlled the hockey game.

Q.  What does it feel like to be a Stanley Cup playoff hero?
MATT BELESKEY:  It's great.  That's the biggest goal I've ever scored.  It's a great feeling anytime you do that, especially here at home.  We're one game away from a Stanley Cup berth.  That was a huge goal.  Felt unbelievable.

Q.  Ryan, you have done a good job of getting the puck in deep.  Can you comment on the club's ability or inability to spend time in the low slot or to get it to the low slot.
RYAN GETZLAF:  Well, I mean, that's what we got to keep doing.  We've got to keep getting then deep.  If you watch the tape, 80% of their chances come off our turnovers.
Making big plays to get pucks in behind them, keep them away from the goalie allows our forecheck to happen, then we get opportunities.
It's not just that initial dump that we need.  It's that forecheck and it's got to be dumped in the right area.

Q.  Ryan, what does it do for the confidence for your team to get a win in overtime against the Blackhawks?
RYAN GETZLAF:  I think we won two OT games in the year against them (laughter).
Any win's good in the playoffs.  I mean, you're playing elite teams that aren't going to give up at any point.  Giving up two late goals like that, be able to come in our locker room, regroup, get behind each other, go out and make a big play like Matt did there, it means a lot to our team, and moving forward gives us that little bit more confidence in those situations.

Q.  Ryan, was a lot said in between third period and overtime?  What were the emotions?
RYAN GETZLAF:  When you initially get in, I think everybody's down.  You're talking about giving up two goals in the last two minutes of a game in the playoffs.  It's not fun for anybody.
But the biggest thing we tried to preach was just to keep going, keep doing what we're doings, and learn from our mistakes.
We've had two overtime games against them that we've lost.  I think in those games, we go out in the overtime and try not to lose.
We went out there, executed what we wanted to do.  Weren't afraid to lose.  Went out and played hard.  Came up with a big play early obviously.  The rest is history.

Q.  Ryan, the start of the game you got three goals in the first period.  They have a tendency to allow goals like that in bunches.  Do you sense you can attack them when they get on their heels a little bit like that?
RYAN GETZLAF:  I don't know.  You could go talk to them.  We could use three more next period (smiling).
I don't know.  Honestly we're just trying to worry about us, do what we do.  When we can get our game going, get that cycle game going, control the pace of the play, we're pretty good.
We're a team that likes to respond quickly after things.  We've learn that throughout the year.  Some nights we have it, sometimes we don't.
It's a matter of going out there and executing now.

Q.  Ryan, this has been a terrific series.  What has it been like to participate?  Nerve‑wracking or fun for you?
RYAN GETZLAF:  It's always fun this time of year.  When you got a team like we do, the confidence in our room, the emotions that you go through throughout this together, you grow.  That's a big part of being a team and going through different things.
It's an emotional rollercoaster, don't get me wrong.  When you're playing playoff hockey and you're winning and losing in overtime, those kind of things, you get to experience it all.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, guys.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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