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May 25, 2015

Dan Brooks

Leona Maguire


RICK NIXON:テつ Welcome to the dais, from Duke we have Leona Maguire and Dan Brooks.テつ Leona, some quick comments about the round today.
LEONA MAGUIRE:テつ Yeah, I'm incredibly happy with my round today.テつ I got off to a pretty hot start, chipped in for birdie on 2 and had a nice eagle on 3, and then chipped in again on 7 for birdie again.テつ It was a great start.テつ I knew I had to make up some ground on Emma.テつ She was getting away.テつ I had two bogeys on 10 and 11, then got it back coming down the stretch.テつ Emma is an unbelievable player, and to post that kind of score around a golf course like this is pretty good.
RICK NIXON:テつ Coach Brooks, your thoughts as you watched her play today?
DAN BROOKS:テつ Well, as we've all known on our team, Leona is the least high‑maintenance player we have.テつ What that means is that she's like a lot of the best players that I've had.テつ I end up not watching them play that much.テつ I'm out there with a lot of players that need a little help.テつ I spent a lot of time with Gurbani today on the back side and we got some good things going.テつ Her front side was not so good, so I didn't really get to watch much of Leona's play other than the little thing we do with Golfstat.テつ But she's just tremendous.テつ I know what she's doing out there.テつ She's thinking really well.テつ She's sizing up the golf course and making smart decisions all round long, and that's how you get scores like that.テつ It's really good.

Q.テつ Leona, just round by round you seemed to get more and more comfortable with the course.テつ What was going through your mind?テつ What was the learning curve for you?
LEONA MAGUIRE:テつ Yeah, I think this is probably the toughest golf course we've played all season.テつ It definitely helps the more you get used to it, the more you know, the bounces of the balls, the spots to be, the spots not to be.テつ It definitely helps.テつ I definitely felt more comfortable as the day went on.テつ I kind of knew where I needed to hit it and the spots to miss, the spots not to miss.テつ I just played pretty solid, didn't make a whole lot of mistakes, which was nice.

Q.テつ Your thoughts on winning the Annika Award?
LEONA MAGUIRE:テつ Yeah, obviously to win the Annika Award is an incredible honor.テつ To win golf tournaments is one thing, but to win an award that's voted on by your peers and the coaches and the media, that's another level.テつ I think when I saw Alison getting presented with the award back in September, I probably didn't think I was going to be sitting here.テつ But yeah, it's an incredible honor to have my name on a trophy that Annika has put her name to, and it's a nice way to cap off a really nice season.

Q.テつ As you come back for match play tomorrow, Coach, your thoughts?
DAN BROOKS:テつ Well, we've become experts at utilizing every bit of time we have for sleep, hydration, food, so we're going to continue to do that.テつ That's the one thing these four days have done is taught us how to use our time well.テつ We're using two vans, I think, very, very well, going back and forth.テつ I think we've done a pretty good job of resting people.テつ We've even included ice baths in this thing.
We're excited.テつ Match play, this is‑‑ match play was the way golf was originally developed back in the day.テつ There can't be anything wrong about it.テつ It's what golf is.テつ We're excited about it.
LEONA MAGUIRE:テつ Yeah, it's exciting.テつ The first year for team match play, I think the whole team is really looking forward to tomorrow.テつ Obviously having three seniors on the team, we all have quite a bit of experience in match play, which is definitely going to play to our benefit tomorrow.
I think we've been all playing pretty solid, and we're looking forward to getting into match play tomorrow.

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