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May 25, 2015

Steve Kerr


Q.  Twice in these Playoffs you guys have had a chance to close out on the road and you've done that.  What's made you so good in close‑out games?
STEVE KERR:  Well, we've played well in both those games.  I think it's just the right mindset, taking care of the task at hand.  Don't think about anything other than the details of the game plan and what we're trying to accomplish, and compete like crazy.  If we just take it one step at a time like that and focus on the details, it helps you play better.

Q.  When you took over the job as coach, did you think you would be in this position at all?  I know it was a goal, but what were your expectations?
STEVE KERR:  I really didn't set a goal for‑‑ in terms of how far we'd go, a tangible number of wins, anything like that.  I think you probably remember, and if you were there at the press conference, whenever it was, a year ago, we just talked about being really good, being in the mix, on the list, hope for good health, hope to get on a run, but you never know how it's all going to play out.  You do your best, you try to put yourself in a good position.
We've been pretty lucky this year with things falling into place health‑wise, guys accepting roles, that kind of thing, and here we are.  Next year it could be totally different.  You just go for it and see what happens.

Q.  You've praised Barbosa for his attitude.  Does he talk a lot in the locker room?  Is he vocal?  Is it just energy?  Why specifically do you say he's just good to have around?
STEVE KERR:  Fantastic leader.  You need leaders who are on the bench as well as leaders who are at the podium every day and giving the headlines.  You need guys behind the scenes who are leading, and that's what LB does.  He's fantastic with our guys.  He sort of keeps them in check.  He's very funny.  He's electric when he plays.  He's still got his brilliant speed with his game, and he gives us a boost, and then when I take him out, it doesn't seem to bother him, and that builds a pretty good base in terms of how the team should respond.  It's just about winning.  It's about contributing, and there's no time for pouting.  You know, LB gets all that.

Q.  You challenged them in Game 4 of the Memphis (indiscernible.)
STEVE KERR:  Well, I hope so.  Every game is different based on circumstance, but I do think as you go through a series, you start to get a better feel for what's important, and that was the case in the Memphis series.  We got a grasp of what we needed to do, and you hope that's the case each series and that it carries forward, but as I said, things change.  Each game is different, so you can't really count on it carrying forward.  What you can count on is your effort and your focus and attention to detail, and that's what we preach every day.

Q.  The players receive most of the credit for team success if not almost all of it, and rightfully so, but it seems like in this Playoffs that you and your staff have made some key adjustments along the way that have had an impact on the final result.  Can you talk about your relationship with your staff and how comforting is it to have guys that you trust and know that they've been here before and have input on the game plan?
STEVE KERR:  Well, we have a really good staff.  I love being around these guys every day.  It's a good mix of youth and experience.  You know, I think they've done a good job of trying to help our players along, help them figure out what we need to accomplish along the way, but in the end it's always about the players.  It's a good staff, helps the players with the game plan, gives them a vision, and then gets out of the way.  That's what we do, and our players are talented and they play together and they play hard, and they're the reason that we're having this success.

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