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May 24, 2015

Francois Beauchemin

Ryan Getzlaf

Ryan Kesler


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Ryan, generally what did you say to the guys, staying positive and focused on the prize?
RYAN GETZLAF:  I didn't say anything.  There's not a whole lot to be said.  We got a good group in our locker room that knows our situation.  We're coming home.  We still have our home ice.  We went there to get back.
When you lose in overtime, you lose in overtime.  That's the way it goes sometimes.  One bounce here or there, it's a different story.
So we are where we are.

Q.  Ryan Kesler, I was asking yesterday (indiscernible) are you sick of the Blackhawks?  He said, Yeah, we are.  Are we at that point in the series where both teams are starting to get under each other's skin?  I can't think of the right word, but are you getting to the point where they're at each other?
RYAN KELSER:  I think you have tension out there when you have two really good teams competing, going back and forth, trying to string wins together to win this thing.
You're going to get tension there, yeah, for sure.

Q.  Ryan and Francois, you mentioned earlier about you lose in overtime, you lose in overtime.  I know you have had success in sudden death.  However, when you lose two games the way you have, is there a little mental block or do you worry about the future with this team?
FRANCOIS BEAUCHEMIN:  I don't personally worry.  We haven't lost yet in regulation in the playoffs.  We're doing some good things.  Last night was one of those nights where we had some breaks defensively.  We need to correct those.
But overall our game has been pretty solid for the start of the playoffs.  It's just the way we wanted to play.  Like I said, I don't think anybody expected to come back from Chicago up 3‑1.
We could have won last night, but at the same time we could have lost Game3 and win Game4.
We got to stay positive, stick to our game plan.
RYAN GETZLAF:  Our record in one‑goal games is next to none basically this season.  Going into overtime, same thing, same strategy.  We got to keep playing, doing the things we do well.
We got to find ways to win some of those games.  We're still in a pretty good situation here, in the Conference Finals.  If we get there again, we'll keep doing what we're doing.
FRANCOIS BEAUCHEMIN:  We were up 8‑0 in shots.  Not like we weren't doing good things.  We couldn't find that one to get in.

Q.  Ryan Kesler, you and Davis matching up head‑to‑head.  Four games in, are you appreciating it going head‑to‑head?
RYAN KELSER:  Very good skilled player.  Very passionate.  Very hard‑working.  You know, for me just kind of matches intensity.  I'll work him out there and try to do what I do.

Q.  Ryan Getzlaf, last night you guys gave up three goals in the third period.  Also the penalty killing hasn't been as effective in the last couple games.  Does that worry you at all?  Is it a matter of adjustment?
RYAN GETZLAF:  Yeah, it doesn't worry me.  I'm pretty well aware of the team that we're playing.  We're not playing a 30th‑ranked power play in the league by any means.
Some games we've been able to shut them down, some games we haven't.  Last game we gave up a few power play goals that we're going to look at and see what we can do differently.
The response we had after the goals was what we were focused on and what we're going to focus on tomorrow.

Q.  This morning in Chicago, some of the players were talking about the confidence they took in penetrating on Freddie five times in a game.  Should they take great confidence in that?  Do you feel like you guys will be fine?
FRANCOIS BEAUCHEMIN:  I feel we'll be fine.  We had four on their goalies.  The series is 2‑2.  It's going to come down to tomorrow's game.  Whoever will win that battle will feel confident going into Game 6.
I don't really care how they feel.  It's all about how we feel and how we going to approach tomorrow's game and come out.

Q.  Ryan Kesler, a lot of talk about physical fatigue.  What about how mentally taxing a series like this is when every shift is so hotly contested, the games are every other day?  What do you do to try to turn that off between games, the few off moments that you have?
RYAN KELSER:  I go sit on the beach and relax, try not to think about hockey, spend time with my kids.  When it's game time, I'll reenergize there and get ready for the game.

Q.  In terms of when this team has lost in the post‑season, you guys have bounced back and allowed less than 30 shots.  What is it that you do to regenerate and come back and bounce back following a loss in the post‑season?
RYAN GETZLAF:  I think our intensity in the game goes up.  It's about responding.  Everything that we designed this team around this year I think was our ability to put things past us and move on and keep playing and not let things affect us outside the game or from game to game.
So I think we come back, get right back at it again.  Anxious to get back on the ice after a disappointing loss.  We've been able to do that so far.
FRANCOIS BEAUCHEMIN:  Yeah, that was the key all year.  We always talked about as a hockey team never lose two in a row, never lose two in a row.  You talk about that all season.  Now, especially that we're in the playoffs, this is not what we want to have happen.  We found a way to respond all year long.
We've had some tough losses during the season and found a way to bounce back the next game to win that game.  I think that shows all the guys in the room care, all have a lot of character to come back out of those games.

Q.  Ryan Getzlaf, the discrepancy in power plays has been tilted in Chicago's favor.  Do you look at them forcing you into those or is that mental errors on your part?
RYAN GETZLAF:  I have to be careful how I answer this (laughter).
It is what it is.  I think the last two rounds the power plays were a little lopsided, too.  We just got to go out there, work, try to get our special teams to where they need to be.  If we're able to win that special teams battle, we can do a lot of things.
We'll focus on that for tomorrow, making sure.  Obviously we don't want to take penalties.  We want to play the game at a high level and with intensity.  We'll just continue trying to win the special teams battle.

Q.  Ryan Getzlaf, I know it was yesterday, and it's gone now.  That 37‑second time period where the three goals happened.  Have you ever been involved in anything quite like that?  What was the level of excitement and adrenaline on ice level when that was going on?
RYAN GETZLAF:  It was weird.  I don't think I've ever been involved in anything like that.  That was a great, great response to the way things were going.  At that point in the game I didn't think we were playing that great.  We had some up‑and‑down shifts here and there.  We weren't really creating a lot.
Some guys made some big plays.  That's what you need to see out of your team.  It gives you that belief that no matter what is going on, you can still respond.  All it takes is a couple good shifts together, and it gives us great belief in here.

Q.  Ryan Kesler, there's been a lot of attention about you guys physically imposing your will with all the hits and rough stuff.  Do you feel now that we're at the back end of this series that that is going to start paying dividends in these games or are you concerned that Chicago can handle this for the long haul?
RYAN KELSER:  No.  We're just going to keep with our game plan.  I think it will wear them down.  It's going to wear them down.  No human can withstand that many hits.  We're going to keep banging out there and going after them.

Q.  For either Ryan, is it tough for either of you guys on the ice or off the ice to bite your tongue when maybe you're not getting as many calls that you think you should?
RYAN GETZLAF:  It's both.  It's a culmination of doing what's right in the game and by the team.  You know, I made a point in this playoffs to not say anything, stay away from referees, try my best.  There's been a few times where I've had to go talk, but that's only when Beauch gets too wound up to go (laughter).
It is what it is.  I can stand up here and say anything I want, it's not going to make any difference.  We just got to go out and play, do our thing, and deal with the consequences of it.  It's a matter of bearing down, winning special teams.  When you have those kills, you have to get them.  When we have power play opportunities, we have to take advantage of them.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, guys.

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