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May 24, 2015

Boomer Biegalski

Ben DeLuzio

Mike Martin

John Sansone


Florida State テや 6
North Carolina State - 2

HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:テつ I think really I'm just very pleased to be a part of this.テつ This team is obviously a young club, but we have great leadership from Sansone and Benny is in his second year, but Boomer is in his first year.テつ And it's just so gratifying to see Boomer come back on three days and he exceeded the pitch count that I had planned.テつ But he was pitching so well we didn't want to go get him.テつ And 50 was what we wanted and he ended up going 65.テつ I don't think that's going to affect him next weekend, which of course is a very important weekend, also.
Just want to say that I've had the pleasure of coaching young men for a long time.テつ Sometimes you see guys on the bench that act like they're really in it.テつ And then something happens, we get behind and they drop their head and they start thinking they're beat.テつ Not one single Florida State baseball player ever pointed Fingers, ever back stabbed, ever complained.テつ And by the way, I didn't feel this way a week ago (laughter).
But I tell you one thing, these young men deserved what they got because of the way they competed.テつ And I wanted to say that.テつ I'd say 95 percent of you won't use it, but that's okay, I said it anyway (laughter).

Q.テつ John, what changed the most from last weekend, the last week, against Clemson, and this week, what did you guys do to turn this team around?
JOHN SANSONE:テつ Just buying into the program.テつ Just having confidence and everyone coming together and just sticking together as a family.テつ

Q.テつ John, can you talk about that home run that really started everything in the third inning?
JOHN SANSONE:テつ I was kind of looking for a fastball the whole at‑bat, there.テつ And he threw me the first pitch slider, and ended up throwing the next pitch fastball there, and I just tried to get my foot down and put a good swing on it.テつ

Q.テつ First of all, how did you feel today, and second, how did it feel to win MVP today?テつ
BOOMER BIEGALSKI:テつ I felt good going in, I had to let coach that my arm felt good.テつ And just went from there.テつ MVP, I guess it just hasn't sunk in.テつ Just glad to have won this championship.テつ

Q.テつ Boomer, what was working for you today, seemed like they were establishing that fastball, and keep them off balance with the off speed stuff.テつ Is that how you would say it, too?テつ
BOOMER BIEGALSKI:テつ Yeah, that's how I like to throw, and I think it helps win.テつ You've got the guys behind you playing good defense, and that's all.テつ

Q.テつ This question is primarily for Boomer, but Ben and John feel free to chime in.テつ NC State scored two runs.テつ It's 3‑2, how much more relaxed did you feel on the mound after making it 3‑2, how big a hit was that?テつ
BOOMER BIEGALSKI:テつ You can't really get relaxed.テつ You've got a lot of innings to play.テつ So you've just got to keep pressing and try and score runs.テつ And just play our type of baseball.テつ
BEN DeLUZIO:テつ Yeah, we actually weren't relaxed.テつ We were in the dugout just talking about how we needed to tack on more runs fight and compete.テつ

Q.テつ There seemed to be a lot of confusion about that infield fly rule that you were in the middle of.テつ Can you talk about what happened defensively on that play?テつ
BOOMER BIEGALSKI:テつ Just pop up, I guess knowing that we didn't communicate very well on that play.テつ But that's in the past.テつ And we just did the job to score runs and kept going.テつ

Q.テつ Ben, obviously you had a huge week here.テつ I know it's been a trying season at times for you.テつ What was the key for you to take this step forward?テつ Was it something you were working on in practice that helped you figure it out?テつ
BOOMER BIEGALSKI:テつ Yeah, the key that really service just getting my hands set early, and not pushing them back too far.テつ And just keeping them close to my body so you could just hit down and see the ball.テつ

Q.テつ Coach, a similar question that I asked Boomer about that infield fly?
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:テつ I was afraid you were going to get to that (laughter).
It's really ‑‑ it's very difficult to explain it.テつ I'll just say this, the two corner umpires pointed that it was an infield fly.テつ And the other umpire involved did not see it.テつ And he made a good judgment call in that it didn't look like it was going to be caught.テつ So it was not, to him, an infield fly.テつ That's a judgment call.
And when the ball hit the ground and we threw the ball home I didn't see that we got a force at home.テつ And if I would have seen that we got a force at home I would have never gone out and said, it's an infield fly.テつ I thought the guy was safe at the plate.
So to get more confusing, next question (laughter).

Q.テつ Talk about the growth of this team in the season, so many growing pains to go through, you say in your opening state you've seen growth throughout the season, and you ultimately win the ACC Championship, what is that like for a coach?
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:テつ I'll answer for Mike Martin, Junior, Mike Bell and Jeremy Haynes, it's one of the real highlights of the year.テつ But we're only going to enjoy this for 48 hours.テつ Next weekend is what the season is about.テつ And I'm very proud for each of these young men for the way that they competed up here.テつ And to win this with this competition is a tremendous accomplishment.テつ

Q.テつ Mike, after what you've just done, do you feel like next weekend now occurs in Tallahassee?
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:テつ I wish I could say, yeah, man, we're going to take this.テつ What if I told you last weekend how I felt as I got swept three games?テつ It's the craziest game in the world.テつ When you've got any idea of what baseball is all about, please let me know.テつ Because I've been trying for so long to figure this out.テつ And it is a game that will drive you crazy if you let it.テつ But I will say this, when you have a group of young men that will fight ‑‑ (video feed lost), if you get beat, you don't get mad.テつ We competed hard against Clemson.テつ They whipped us.テつ But we didn't throw the ball around the lot.テつ They beat our doggone as out.テつ And then we come up here and what was obviously a couple of things went our way.テつ We took advantage of them.テつ Got pitching from our starters.テつ Boom comes in today, gives us four and a third and one hit against NC State for four and a third.テつ That's an excellent hitting club.
So next weekend is five days away for us.テつ It's a very important time, but I got no clue what's going to happen (laughter).
That was a quick answer, wasn't it?テつ

Q.テつ Coach, Boomer has obviously had a huge impact on this team this year.テつ What have you seen in his progression, from the time he got here to where he is right now, coming back and pitching as well as he did twice here in this setting?テつ Is?
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:テつ He's a great competitor.テつ He loves ‑‑ he wanted to finish.テつ I mean he gave me one of these; I've got one more; I've got one more.テつ Well, he probably did, but we'd already gone 15 over what we wanted to do.テつ It was time to give it to Billy, anyway.テつ
When he came to us his fastball was not what he wanted or we wanted.テつ He's locating that fastball better.テつ His slider is beginning to improve, which gives him a huge advantage.テつ He threw a very good slider to Fincher in the 8th, I believe, 8th or 9th.テつ And it was just frozen.テつ So it's really encouraging to see him develop the other two pitches to go along with his change‑up.テつ I think that's the big key for him.
And before we quit, let me just say I want to thank the ACC, the Baseball Committee, if I'm not mistaken, there wasn't a whole lot of money given out for the time and effort that those people put in, and it means so much to the student athletes.テつ
And I want to say that the City of Durham hosted us very well, from where were, the great people in this community, remember, I was born and raised in North Carolina.テつ And I want to thank the fans that came out from all of the schools to make this a memory.テつ This will be something that Florida State will remember for a long time, and just very, very proud to be a part of this.テつ

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