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May 24, 2015

Chris Wood


Q.  Memorable day, and we'll start with the obvious highlight.  Talk me through every detail of the hole‑in‑one at 14.
CHRIS WOOD:  Thankfully it was a really good shot.  The last person you want to be playing with, Shane Lowery, and you hit a bad one, you're worried it's going to spread.  But yeah, it was a cracker.  Think my caddie was more excited than I was.

Q.  Love the way the shirt matches the car.
CHRIS WOOD:  It does.  Last night at the hotel I bumped into Miguel and I said, "Another hole‑in‑one, ten now, when is it my turn."  I just about fit in there.  Lovely car.

Q.  You made three 2s and a one on the par3s.  The one on 10, a bit fortunate?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, we are trying to hit it five yards left of the flag there anyway and pulled it a couple of yards.  It's always going to come down.  You're sort of aiming between where that landed and the flag.  Yeah, it was a great result.

Q.  Overall, how big a boost in confidence is 66 on the final day of the marquee event on home soil?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, it's a big boost.  Obviously six on the last taints it a little bit, but I was always trying to make an eagle.  I won a couple years ago in Qatar and sort of caught a glimpse of the leaderboard but knew that I was probably too far back.  But if you don't finish first, you want to finish second.

Q.  What about this to build on going into a big summer?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, like I said earlier, it's my sixth or seventh event.  You do worry when you go through times like that and can't play for five months, that I wasn't in a position to ask for a medical.  You know, the first stage is to get your card for next season, so hopefully I'm not far off that now, and I really can push on the rest of the season.

Q.  Tell us, with respect to 14, what were you playing and how quickly did it dawn on you that the vehicle behind you was yours?
CHRIS WOOD:  Well, like all the players, we sort of look on that 14th on Tuesday when we have a practice round and we think, wouldn't it be nice, a BMW i8.  Never think that it's going to happen to you.  I hit a great shot, 7‑iron, and it was a bit of a delayed reaction because you hear two cheers, one sounded like it just missed and the second one it went in.

Q.  Looking at your overall performance this week, I know you've had problems with the injury, breaking the bone in where you are wrist and you've had five months out.  How much relief does this bring you?
CHRIS WOOD:  It is welcome.  It was a long winter at home, and five months off.
Yeah, you do worry whether you're going to come back to the player you were, but to finish top five in a marquee event here at Wentworth is a big boost in confidence.
You know, I really felt the last few holes before I looked at the leaderboard, like I was going to get close.  But a six at the last, a little in‑between clubs, but I had to have a go.  I played a lot of good golf this week.

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