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May 23, 2015

Adam Haseley

Brian O'Connor


NC State テや 10
Virginia - 2

HEAD COACH BRIAN O'CONNOR:テつ Well, first starting with Adam, I thought Adam went out there and really did a nice job and got us off to a good quality start, which is what we were looking for him to do.テつ And our plan coming into this game was to chop the ball, which we did.テつ Unfortunately our plan stopped working in the eighth inning.テつ I thought up until that point it was going like how we had hoped that it would.テつ And NC State, certainly they are playing the game of baseball with a lot of enthusiasm.テつ They are playing really well as a group.テつ You can see that they have great leadership on the field, and I give them a ton of credit.テつ They certainly capitalized when we opened the door in the eighth inning and that's what you need to do.
And they're playing as hot as anybody right now.テつ They really are.テつ And it should be a heck of a championship matchup.
Certainly we played a tremendous ballgame on Tuesday against Georgia Tech.テつ These last three games we haven't played our best baseball.テつ But certainly four weeks leading up to these last three games we've been playing really, really good.テつ And I believe that we'll have an opportunity next week.テつ I believe we've earned that based on the run that we've made over the last four weeks.テつ And hopefully we can get back next week into playing like we have leading into this pool play.テつ

Q.テつ Adam, even though you guys lost this, were you encouraged by the way you played?テつ I think you gave up just a couple of hits and two walks.テつ It was your longest outing of the year?
ADAM HASELEY:テつ It was a good outing overall.テつ I think a lot of guys made some really good plays behind me.テつ I know Pavin made a couple good catches on left and made some good plays to short.テつ I was just trying to get ahead and keep them off balance.テつ So I think it was overall, yeah.テつ

Q.テつ I don't guess there's much you can do when you have an inning like that.テつ Up until that point, I know yesterday you left, you were kind of frustrated.テつ
HEAD COACH BRIAN O'CONNOR:テつ I thought that ‑‑ I thought our approach to the game tonight was really good.テつ It came down to, you know, we had a couple of walks in that eighth inning.テつ If they had a runner on first base, and it was a 2‑2 ballgame.テつ Right?テつ And their best player, who I think is absolutely one of the best players, and that's Logan Ratledge.テつ I tell you, he makes them go.テつ And he did a nice job.テつ And like I said, credit them.テつ They put us in a position to where we had to play the infield in.テつ We had to intentionally walk batters.テつ When you start to do that you're going to have to make big clutch pitches to get out of it.テつ And we just ‑‑ we couldn't make those pitches and they capitalized on them.
But I thought Haseley charged them out.テつ I thought he pitched great.テつ I thought our approach was good.テつ I thought we played a really good ballgame, clean game offensively that I really wanted to see.テつ And so I think that ‑‑ although the eighth inning was very frustrating and disappointing, I think there's a lot of positives we can take moving forward.テつ

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