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May 23, 2015

Chrstopher Barr

Zack Collins

Jim Morris


Miami – 6
Notre Dame- 5

HEAD COACH JIM MORRIS:  Well, it was a big win for us.  A battle between us and Notre Dame going back and forth.
Huge win after last night.  I have to be honest.  Last night was a crushing loss, I felt like it took the air out of our sails a little bit.  And coming back and winning ‑‑  of course coming back late like we did is huge.  Zack had a great day for us, Barr hits the home run, Lopez gets the game winning hit.  Bullpen did a good job.  Low scoring game but we got some big hits.  And whatever will win it, that's the bottom line.
I think hopefully that means it means it keeps our RPI at one, and going into Monday we like that stuff going on.  Very anxious for the meeting on Monday to see what happens. 

Q.  Chris, you're not exactly Babe Ruth.  Your first career home run in college.  What was the pitch?  What did you feel like hitting your first home run and how excited were you? 
CHRISTOPHER BARR:  It was a fastball.  He had just thrown a fastball in a similar position, and I took it.  I didn't mean to take it but I took it.  Then he threw another one and I got a pretty good swing on it.  I didn't think it was going to be a home run, because I didn't know what a home run felt like.  So I was running the bags, going for a triple, that was the first thought I had.  And then it went over the fence and I'm like, oh, yeah, I'm running.  It felt great. 
ZACK COLLINS:  Obviously I've never seen him hit a had been home run.  He's a great bunter for us, but today he definitely put one on the board at the right time.  It's crazy how that can happen.  He's never hit a home run in his career here and he put it out in the right spot at the right time. 

Q.  Maybe David overshadowed you with the season.  Some of the numbers betters you put up, especially recently, have been incredible.  Your big home run today, can you talk about the resiliency of the team and your personal performance today?
ZACH COLLINS:  I felt good today.  I feel like hitting is contagious, and that's why we're hitting so well going to the end of the season.  Everyone is hitting every single game.  When someone is not, someone else is.  David is obviously having a great year himself.  I just go out there and play the game hard every day.  And I'm not worried about the big light being shined on me.  It's just about being the big light shining in Omaha at the end of the season. 

Q.  Obviously not a title game appearance, but of course you have to feel happy with yourselves, you end up with two top 25 wins out of this tournament. 
CHRISTOPHER BARR:  Yeah, the win is big.  Losing last night was a tough loss.  Coming in today we knew we had to get this win.  We're going to get the national seed, but winning today definitely helped that are a lot. 

Q.  Can you talk about sleeping last night?  After a game like that.  What were you thinking, did you have a tough time getting to sleep, double, triple, thinking about different things, what if this, what if that?
ZACH COLLINS:  Well, we were pretty tired after 12 innings, I didn't have a really tough time sleeping.
We went back to the hotel, we kind of forget about that pretty quickly.  Came out today and battled. 
CHRISTOPHER BARR:  That's the best part about baseball, we played last night and turned the page and played today, and get the win today, that's all that matters. 

Q.  Tough back‑to‑back games to give up leads like that in the 9th.  But what does it say about your guys, they fought back and showed a lot of resiliency, heading to the Regional round?
HEAD COACH JIM MORRIS:  It is big.  It did happen both nights.  And Bryan Garcia ‑‑ there for a three or four week span we were winning by eight, nine, ten runs.  And our bullpen didn't really get the work that it would normally get.  I think that's part of our issue right now, but it's definitely got some work in this tournament and that's one of the things I said coming up here, they need more pressure situations.  That role is a closing, left‑hand specialist is a very tough role mentally.  One pitch and you can be out house or the pin house.  It's a tough role.  And Bryan is a tough kid.  And we needed those guys to get it done if we were going to be successful to go where we want to go. 

Q.  With a bullpen like you have, there's a lot of guys that can do the job.  Michael was throwing great there and you took him out.  Do you ever kick yourself sometimes or not or you just go with what you go with?
HEAD COACH JIM MORRIS:  I've been doing this a long time and Bryan is the All‑American closer.  And when he comes down to it you feel like you've got to go with the guy that's got it done in an All‑American.  Mike did a great job, and I really didn't want to take him out.  But we had a guy on and a short leftfield porch and the next two guys are switch hitters, I thought it was an advantage to try to make them hit the ball out to right versus left.  Left‑handed hitter he goes the opposite way and hits it off the wall, which is a crazy deal.
But you go with your instincts right there.  And I always believe in going with the guy that got you where you're at.  And Bryan is one of the guys that's got us here. 

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