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May 23, 2015

Steve Kerr


Q.  You put Barnes on Harden for a couple possessions there in the second half.  Did you want to switch up the look?  Were you seeing how he did and thinking maybe‑‑
STEVE KERR:  Well, I think with any great player, you don't want to give him the same diet every time down, so that means you mix up coverages, you change rotations or change match‑ups I should say.  That's one of the strengths of our team is that we've got pretty versatile defenders with Andre and Harrison and Draymond and Klay.  So we can mix and match a little bit, and we'll see how the game goes.

Q.  How do you think Curry handled the double‑team, especially late in the game?
STEVE KERR:  I thought he handled it fine.  I think we can do a better job as a team of handling it, and obviously sometimes circumstances dictate what's going on, whether we're trying to run some clock or attack and score, that kind of thing.  But Steph has seen a lot of that all year, people run double teams at him, and he's done a great job taking care of it.

Q.  Do you feel like Klay's defensive assignment is hurting his offense, and do you like the shots he's getting?
STEVE KERR:  I think Klay has had some good shots and some other ones have been a little forced.  We can get better offensively.  Klay has a tough defensive assignment almost every night out.  He had to chase Mike Conley around all last series, and before that he had to chase Tyreke Evans or Eric Gordon.  It's the NBA Playoffs so you're going to be playing against great players.  A big part of Klay's job is to guard one of the top opposing wing players or point guards.  It's nothing he hasn't done before.  Shots come and go.  He always bounces back from a bad shooting night, so I don't have any reason for concern there.

Q.  When Bob Meyers was hired a few years ago he was kind of an outside‑the‑box type of hire, with his background.  Now you guys are two games away from the NBA Finals.  What's stood out to you about him and how he's been able to make this whole thing work?
STEVE KERR:  Well, Bob is great to work with.  He's very professional.  He's got a good way about him.  He understands the kind of pressure that we're all under, and he's kind of a facilitator.  He generates a lot of conversation but a lot of calm and a lot of healthy dialogue in a really productive way.  So in a business where things can become very emotional, Bob is kind of the soothing hand.  We make a great team.  I really enjoy working with him.  I think the feeling is mutual, and we have a lot of fun.

Q.  I asked Steph about that last couple minutes of Game 2 where he drove it down to the shot clock basically, and he said it's the no, no, no, yes play, and that you hate those kind of plays.  Do you hate those plays when you see him do that?  And what do you think when he does that?
STEVE KERR:  Sometimes it's necessary.  I like ball movement.  I think I've made that pretty clear over the course of the year to you guys and to the team.
Generally speaking when we move the ball, we get easier shots.  If that's something that happens in the course of a game, sometimes it's because circumstances dictate it, and maybe the shot clock is running down.  It's definitely a luxury to have a guy like Steph who can make really, really hard shots, but we just‑‑ we don't want to make too much of a habit of it.
It's just something that happens during the course of a game, and as I've said, we're pretty lucky to have him bail us out.

Q.  Harrison is not one of your top offensive options usually, but what does it do for your offense when Harrison is aggressive and productive on offense?
STEVE KERR:  Well, he's a pretty versatile player at both ends, and we can post him up, he can make threes, he can score in transition.  You know, he's had a great playoff run all three rounds.  He's been very effective, and he balances things out for us.  When he scores, we really have a good distribution of shots and offensive possibilities, and we're that much better when he plays offense.

Q.  You've obviously had a lot of playoff experience as a player.  Have you used an anecdote or a story from those days with your team?
STEVE KERR:  Yes.  Several times.

Q.  Have you seen that pay off?  Do you see them listening?
STEVE KERR:  Yeah, they listen, especially if I mention Michael Jordan.  That seems to perk their ears up.  But yeah, I mean, I think that's a big part of coaching is you relay your own experiences.  You try to think of things that will either motivate your players or calm their nerves or prepare them, and I've been very lucky in my career to play for some great teams and definitely play for a lot of great coaches, so I've got a few memories that I can pull up now and then.

Q.  Could you relay one of those stories to us then?
STEVE KERR:  No.  Good try, though.

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