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May 23, 2015

Esteban Toledo


Q. Great round. A lot of highs and lows out there for you today.
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: Yeah, it was a tough day. The wind wasn't blowing like yesterday, but the pin placements were very hiding up in the corners and we couldn't get real close to them. Just a little nervous out there. I had some great swings out there. I made a lot of birdies. Two doubles. Number 7, which is not that easy of a hole. That's probably one of the toughest to keep it on. You got to make two putts on that one. But hit it in the water. 3-putt number 8. And birdies 10 and 11 to kind of get me going. And then I made another double bogey on, I guess it was like 13 or 14. And then I brought it back with a couple of birdies. But, it's, everybody's doing the same thing, so it's not like just me. The course is tough, I'm pretty sure it's going to be tough tomorrow. The PGA is doing a great job doing that. And it's a Major. So, it's not like it's just a regular tournament. Everybody's trying to get the cup and everybody's fighting for it. But it's one more day to go and we'll see what happens tomorrow. So I got to give it a try.

Q. Will it be hard to stay patient tomorrow, knowing what's at stake, but because this course is so hard, if you attack it too much, it can jump up and bite you.
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: You have to be patient. There's a lot of bogeys and doubles and triples out there, as you see. Henninger, coming down the stretch, one bad swing and he made a triple. So it happens. I think that I just got to go out there and play to the middle of the fairway like I've been doing all week, except a couple of holes, obviously, but the majority of them have been on the fairway. If I can stay patient and get the putter rolling, the score is out there. I just got to go out there and find it.
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