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May 23, 2015

Brian Henninger


Q. Take us through your round today. Hot around the turn and then stumbled later on. Your thoughts on the day?
BRIAN HENNINGER: I never really got comfortable. I haven't been in this folks for awhile, so I made a couple early bogeys. No big deal. Just didn't get up-and-down. Hit the ball pretty solid. Hit most of the fairways on the front side. Birdied 9, so that gave me a little bit of momentum. Made a good up-and-down on 10. I birdied 11 and 12. Playing pretty solid, really. Hit a poor tee shot on the par-5 on 16. Which gave me the opportunity to kind of either get aggressive with my layup or lay back which, in hindsight, I should have just chipped the ball over the bunker and had a mid iron into the green. But I went for it and that was disturbing, because I played relatively well, considering the circumstances and then one shot kind of blows up a really good round.

Q. How are you feeling right now though? Are you feeling pretty good 1-under still?
BRIAN HENNINGER: Yeah, I'm still in the hunt. Definitely, it looks like Colin might birdie the last hole. I saw him hit that shot in there. Yeah, I still got a chance. I'm swinging good, I just got to trust myself. The cameras on me, the excitement of people kind of supporting me back home, that's just something that I have got to kind of get, got to deal with. I'm healthy again, I'm fighting, I'm competing really well. My short game is really good, I'm driving the ball nicely. If the iron game picks up and the conditions stay similar, there's some birdies out there, you are just got to pick your choices.

Q. You seem to be rolling the ball pretty good on the back.
BRIAN HENNINGER: I really was rolling the ball good. If my iron play could have been a little bit better. The wind came up a little bit, so it got a little bit tricky out there, but, yeah, overall I'm just disappointed with one swing and that's frustrating to kind of, as you kind of persevered through the round and you've grinded and you've basically executed the things that you felt like you should and then one shot kind of disrupts it, but I made a couple pars coming in, so all in all, new day tomorrow. So I'll just have a short memory.
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