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May 23, 2015

Jerry Haas


Q. Great round. You're really hot right around the turn there.
JERRY HAAS: Yeah, I made a -- the 8th hole has killed me there, a seven and a six. So I drove it just in the rough and hit a poor chip and then 3-putted. Then I had to lay up on 9. I hit a really great drive I thought and it went just through in the rough. And I laid up to the right and had a hundred yards on the nose and made a birdie there. Made a nice putt. Then I had 80 yards into 10, hit a nice shot out of the rough to about 15, 18 feet and made that. Then 11, I was in the right rough and caught a perfect 8-iron out of there and it hit and landed how I wanted, chased back to the shelf. And I made about a 15-footer. Then I 3-putted 12 and 3-putted 13. Made a good save on 14, 15, and 16. Then, I hit a nice 7-iron on 17. And then 18, I hit a really great drive. I had 135, kind of down cut in. Hit a pitching wedge and I never would have dreamt I would have had a pitching wedge into that hole in the practice rounds. But I hit a really great drive and I knew when I hit it I thought, oh, that should be perfect. And it ended up about a foot and a half away. And I snuck it in somehow, barely made it. The only struggle is on my short putts. I'm better off from 15, 18 feet, sometimes, than I am from two feet. So, it's strange. It's strange. But it was out there today. I think that, I know there was a couple 68s and I see the leaders are kind of 1-under today and kind of in that area. But 16 was no gimmie. Par-5. You had to drive it well. 17, the pin's in the back. That's a tough pin to get to. 18, there will be some birdies. But you got to drive it well. Shoot, I drove it just in the right rough on 8 and made six. I drove it in the rough on a couple other holes and couldn't, for me, I can't get to the green. I'm not strong enough to get it out of there. And, looking back, I think you really have to get it out of the rough and back into the fairway. Number 8, I hit a really good shot out of there. I thought it was going to carry, run to the front left fringe and be perfect. But it hit and went down by the bunker in the grass and I hit a weak chip, just a gutless weak chip. No two ways to say anything more about it than that.

Q. I saw you chatting with your brother. What were you talking about?
JERRY HAAS: I was hoping he was around. I didn't know what he was shooting. We never, they were ahead of us, I never could catch him. But he was happy I birdied the last. And I think he's struggling with his back a little bit more than he'll let on. You're 61 and he's getting a little older, and he's still, I've enjoyed being with him this week for sure. It was nice to -- actually, a lot of times out there, I was trying to play fast so I could get up there and see what he was doing. Only time I could really talk to him was 9 tee and then I just made six, I didn't feel like talking to anybody, so.
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