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May 23, 2015

Kevin Na


MODERATOR:  All right, we'd like to welcome 54-hole leader of the Crown Plaza Invitational at Colonial, Kevin Na.  Thanks for joining us.  In great position heading into tomorrow with a one-stroke lead.  Before we get to that, just some comments on your 1-under 69 today.
KEVIN NA:  I felt like it played a lot more difficult than the first two days.  There's definitely some breeze out there and I thought that the breeze was a bit changing at times and it was difficult to get the right yardage with the irons.  But overall 69, I broke par, kept my lead, so I think I did all right.

Q.  What was it in particular, was it just the wind today that made it difficult?  And looking forward to tomorrow, what contained of strategy do you take, just kind of the same old same that you've been doing which has been effective through your three rounds obviously?
KEVIN NA:  You know, you've just got to keep it in front of you, keep it in the fairway.  You know, just keep doing what I've been doing.  I've been playing well.  I hit a couple lose shots today but recovered nicely.  Not as much fireworks as the first few days but overall I was pleased.

Q.  How important, Kevin, was it to get that birdie at 17, I know both of you were in kind of the same place, but to get the lead going into tomorrow?
KEVIN NA:  It was a nice birdie.  I had a great shot in, the wind was -- I wasn't sure if it was herding off the left or just left to right and I felt like it was herding.  I missed a couple (inaudible) coming in so it was nice to get that one right and have a good look at birdie.  I know Ian's didn't break, but I trusted my read so I played a little outside right.  It turned in nice to the hole.  And it was nice because I was under par going into the last hole and I figured par or -- a birdie would be nice but a par, I break par for the day, keep it in the 60s and I kept my lead because of that.

Q.  Kevin, just looking at that hole on Shotlink, it looked like you guys had a pretty comparable putt at 17.  How much help did you get from watching Ian go first, if any?
KEVIN NA:  It almost -- it's not (inaudible) because his putt didn't break at all.  I discussed that putt with Kenny, I put the ball down, I put the line down, I said just outside right going left, and he agreed.  We played it to go left just out to the right and that's exactly what it did.

Q.  Kevin, Jordan was talking about looking ahead to tomorrow, he said there's a low round out there, just hasn't been shot yet.  Do you feel like somebody's going to go low tomorrow at some point?
KEVIN NA:  Yeah, you know, I can see someone shooting 61 or 62, but you know, it is out there.  I don't know.  Yeah, it's out there but it's hiding somewhere.  It's hard to find it because you have to be so precise off the tee, second shot, putts and everything.  I know the hole locations tomorrow are going to be difficult.  So honestly, not really, I don't really see a 61 or 62.  Maybe 63 or 64 maybe.

Q.  You've got yourself in the position you want, you've got a chance to win tomorrow, you've been in contention a lot lately and in your career.  What did you learn from some of those past experiences on Sunday that maybe could help you tomorrow?
KEVIN NA:  You've got to shoot the lowest number on Sunday.  I think feeling comfortable with that lead, and when it comes to crunch time, you've got to trust your swing and trust your stroke and just stay in the moment.
MODERATOR:  Anybody else?  All right, Kevin, thanks for your time.  Good luck tomorrow.

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