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February 15, 2001

Bob Tway


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: We'd like to thank Bob Tway for joining us. A great round today, bogey-free 62. Why don't you just make a couple statements about today's round and your emotions and your position heading into tomorrow.

BOB TWAY: Well, I'm very pleased with how things went today. I think every time we come to Indian Wells, you are always hoping to shoot a low round because if you play well here and make some putts -- low scores are shot here. So sometimes that gets in your way a little bit, but today I was able to give myself some chances and able to capitalize on them.

Q. I noticed you shot 64 here three other times. Were any of those at Indian wells?

BOB TWAY: Yes, I shot 64 -- inaudible -- when you come here, you're anticipating a low round.

Q. Was there anything today that got you sparked?

BOB TWAY: I started out with three pars. Actually when we played the front side it was a little bit windy for this particular golf course. I made a few birdies in a row ; I birdied 4 and 5 and 6. So I was doing okay and then I made a nice putt, a 25-foot putt on 9, and the wind kind of died down. On the back side I hit some nice shots and was able to make some nice putts when I hit good iron shots.

Q. Last year was probably not one of the greatest of your career, have you done anything over the winter to improve on that?

BOB TWAY: Last year was very frustrating. I played well since '95, but last year I didn't play as well. I wasn't able to -- inaudible -- in front of the mirror and just worked on things. Basically try and do all of the same things I try to do.

Q. You shot 62 today and you might not even be in the lead. Is that frustrating or do you just know that going in that you are going to have to shoot low all five days?

BOB TWAY: You know that. I don't know what it is going to take, but if you look at the scores yesterday and how low they were, you figure you'd better shoot at least 6-under each day to get anywhere close. Someone's going to get it going and go a lot lower than that. You can just look at the scores anymore -- no matter where we play -- everyone is shooting extremely low, so you just have to play as well as you can.

Q. When you look back to last year, you missed the nine straight cuts. Were you losing confidence? Were you losing -- were you really off track so much that you really were concerned about the game coming back?

BOB TWAY: I don't know. I've had a lot of up-and-downs in my career so maybe you get used to it or don't panic as much. Actually, the particular time you're talking about, I did miss quite a few cuts. But I remember one stretch missing four or five, six cuts by a shot. I wasn't really playing horrible. I wasn't doing things good enough to get some scores. So I wasn't really far off.

Q. You've gone through a stretch before where you went five years without a win, did that teach you patient enough on this time around?

BOB TWAY: You've just got to always, I think, have patience in this game. Like I said, my career is full of up-and-downs, so I think I've developed a lot of patience and I think I'll continue to do that. I enjoy playing the game and just trying to get better, and sometimes you're able to be more patient than other times. Like I say, just enjoy it and keep on going.

Q. Calcavecchia talked at the Phoenix Open about the mentality of going low. When you come out here to the desert, you know the scores are going to be really low. Do you have to get into that mentality of shooting at everything?

BOB TWAY: I don't know that you, necessarily -- I guess some guys may shoot at everything. Playing yesterday, there were some pins on the par 3s that are very difficult to get to. I'm not sure that you can go at every single pin, but there are enough chances throughout four or five days that you're going to have a lot of birdie opportunities. If you can just kind of keep plugging along and take advantage of the par 5's, you are going to have some wedges and sand wedges, some holes, and take advantage of those and not really mess up.

Q. Obviously you should be excited. You shot a 62 and you don't sound that thrilled?

BOB TWAY: I'm extremely thrilled. Like I say, you don't win it today. You've got three more days, and I hope I can just -- inaudible -- start over tomorrow and keep on going.

Q. Brad Faxon is playing extremely well again this week. Have you played with him a lot over the years, and if you have, what are your thoughts about his consistency putting?

BOB TWAY: Brad Faxon?

Q. Yeah.

BOB TWAY: Well, I mean, it's like every year, if he's not the best putter, then he's close to it. On these types of golf courses, you're going to get a lot of opportunities to make birdies -- and especially on greens that are good. Obviously, he's playing very well after Hawaii. He's going to have a lot more confidence. When you are on a roll like that, you're going to do all right.

Q. Do you have any admiration for what he does or is it confounding to see a guy who makes it look as effortless as he appears to?

BOB TWAY: Well, I just have a lot of respect for anybody that does anything well. Golf is a hard game and for him to go out there and -- inaudible -- all the time, and maybe they all putt as well, but any time -- you've got to have a lot of admiration for it.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Can we quickly go through your round.

BOB TWAY: I made a birdie at 4. I made about a 6-footer after hitting a 9-iron. Next on the par 5, I hit it to 25 feet. The 6th hole I hit a 9 -iron to three feet. I made par on 7 and 8. The 9th hole I hit an 8-iron to 20 feet. No. 10, I made another nice putt. I hit a 7-iron about 20 feet and made that one. No. 12, I hit a sand wedge to eight feet. 14, the par 5, I hit a 3-wood off the tee and then a 3-iron to the back of the green and 2-putted for birdie from probably about 40 feet. Number 15, the par 3 I hit a 7-iron about 12 feet behind the hole and made that. 16, I hit a sand wedge about three feet. 18, I hit a drive and a 4-iron about 25 feet.

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