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May 23, 2015

Drew Carlton

Chris Marconcini

Mike Martin


Florida State – 6
Louisville - 0

HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:  Well, it was the Drew Carlton show in my opinion.  The guy went out there and pitched a beautiful baseball game.  I mean both sides of the plate, had the change‑up and the slider working.  No doubt controlled seven innings of the game.  And it's very rewarding for Mike Bell, our pitching coach, because he and Drew have worked very hard together for the last eight months.  And it was fun and gratifying for all of us to see this come to fruition today, because this guy, the last time he pitched against Louisville had three very good innings and he doubled his pleasure, so to speak.
They are a beautiful baseball team.  They deserve everything that they've gotten by being 25 & 5.  They deserve to be and will be a top eight seed. 

Q.  Drew, like coach said, that you pitched well against Louisville last time, only able to go three innings then.  You go 7 innings this time.  It's been sometime for you to get out of the 4th inning.  What was working and what made you go 7 today?
DREW CARLTON:  It was definitely the fastball working for me today.  Like Coach Martin said I was able to locate on both sides of the plate.  That allowed me to get ground balls and let my defense work behind me.  And I just went inning by inning, and just hoped I could go and give us a chance to win. 

Q.  Chris, this offense seems to be clicking.  What do you have going for you right now.  Six hits today or seven, and you guys did the same thing last Game 2?
CHRIS MARCONCINI:  After last weekend we basically went back to the drawing board.  We worked on a lot of things.  And we just got real prepared, got ready.  And we're confident these last few days, and it's helped us build this time around.

Q.  Chris, you are ‑‑ your single in the 7th that drove in two runs, can you talk about that at‑bat?
CHRIS MARCONCINI:  I'll be honest, I thought they were going to come in with the lefty there.  I was just going in there, I thought he was going to come in first pitch early, get a strike after that, and just put a good swing on it. 

Q.  Chris and Drew, kind of had the feel that whoever was going to score first might be able to take this one.  Just Chris, did you think that if you guys could get Drew a run or two that you'd be confident that you guys could take this?  And Drew, just same question pretty much. 
CHRIS MARCONCINI:  Absolutely.  I mean he was throwing real well.  We thought if we could get a couple of runs, we knew he was going to shut the door on them. 
DREW CARLTON:  Yeah, the lit hitters today did a really good job of just attacking the ball.  As soon as I got a runny felt confident in myself that I could still hold them to zero and that we would win this game. 

Q.  Drew, kind of an up and down season, and seemed like you were really finding your stride right now.  Coach said you've been putting in a lot of hard work with Coach Bell.  What's been the key to you taking this step and what's been different for you up to this point?
DREW CARLTON:  Definitely my off‑speed pitches.  I came here throwing ‑‑ I was able to locate my fastball really welcoming in.  Working with coach Bell, I've definitely been working with my off speed.  My slider is starting to get a really nice bite to it.  And my change‑up is starting to fade away.  And it's really helping me get around hitters and just throw a better game overall. 

Q.  Drew and Chris, can you just talk about what it means to be playing for an ACC championship?
DREW CARLTON:  It's an unbelievable experience.  Coming in as a freshman it's ‑‑ I've never played in something like this before, so it's really all new and just really taking it all in and making the best of it. 
CHRIS MARCONCINI:  Same thing for me.  This is my fifth year, but I love the opportunity to play in the championships.  It's exciting.  I'm looking forward to it. 

Q.  Chris, talk about your thought process about transferring and playing your graduate year with Florida State.  Had you played in the tournament before? 
CHRIS MARCONCINI:  We played last year.  My thought process was I had to reassess and just looked around and I've always been envious of playing in Florida State.  We were down there three times.  I loved the coaching staff and atmosphere.  Best choice I could have made. 

Q.  Coach, another 40 win season for you in the program.  Every year that you've coached you've made that mark, 38 consecutive years.  What does it mean for the program and this team to get to 40 wins again? 
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:  Well, it's obviously a credit to our young men, the administration that we have at Florida State gives us an opportunity, every opportunity to be successful.  We have athletes that work hard, both in the classroom and on the field and it's extremely gratifying that they were able to get to this point, not to avoid the fact that we won the 40th ballgame today.  That's all well and good.  But our goal will never change.  And that's to get to Omaha. 
And this is another goal that we have, and that's to win the Atlantic Coast Conference.  We know it's going to be difficult.  North Carolina State is playing great right now.  We were very impressed when we played them at North Carolina Sate 6 or 8 weeks ago.  And to do what they did in beating Miami last night, I'm sure it's setting up to be a fun and exciting Sunday. 

Q.  In that last series you had it Louisville it seemed like you were pretty much in control for most of the series, and then to Wacha way without winning it, did that leave a little bad taste in your mouth?  Do you guys want to have another crack at them here, and how did you approach this rematch?
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:  It's hard to have a bad taste in your mouth when you've cried as long as I did (laughter).
You know, it really was not something that we looked at as incentive.  It's the competition.  And these guys and the other 25 and the coaching staff just enjoyed competing.  Louisville is a beautiful baseball team, beautiful athletes.  It's fun to get out there and do what we all enjoy doing.  And that's just competing.  And that's what our young men did today.

Q.  When you have an inning like the bottom of the 6th, when Louisville is kind of giving you guys opportunities, how do you get your batters to make the most of those opportunities when you're getting long pitch counts, getting hit by batters, how do you make the most of those opportunities?
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:  Well, Mike Martin, junior, is a hitting coach.  And he spends an awful lot of time putting guys in those situations.  There were a couple of key things that happened in that inning, certainly DeLuzio's base hit up the middle was big with the bases loaded.  Dylan Busby getting hit by a ball that was well in the middle of the batter's box, those were big chances for us to get runs and our guys took advantage of them.  I was very pleased with our approach in that situation.

Q.  Coach, can you just talk about DeLuzio the last two games he's had, two for four again today, can you talk about him as a player and how he's developed?
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:  He's had obviously eight very good plate appearances in the last two games.  There again, Mike Martin, Jr., he's spent a lot of time changing his stroke from getting his hands up here (indicating) to getting them more in a hitting position. 
And he's a very good athlete.  He's a heck of a cover corner, I'll tell you that right now.  A good competitor.  Needs to get a lot better because that's what he came to Florida State to do was to improve.  He's an outstanding young man.  A very good student.  Makes over a 3.0 every semester.  Just hope that he continues to work to get better.  This game will turn on you in a heartbeat.  You wouldn't have asked that question eight, nine weeks ago, when my man was hovering in the Mendoza area (laughter).

Q.  Through the first six innings you guys definitely had some chances and couldn't come through.  Was there a sense of urgency at all?  Did you tell the guys to be a little more patient at the plate, started getting the walks and the hit by pitch.  Did you tell them to change their approach?
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:  Never.  We're not changing our approach.  We're going to hopefully get a good swing, if the ball is in the strike zone.  And sometimes you hit the ball right at people, sometimes you hit just out of their reach.
The key, I think, that all of these young men possess is there's no panic.  We've just got to battle and that's what our guys did today. 

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