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May 23, 2015

Shane Lowry


Q.  Your form and your record here seems to indicate that you rather like this place.  Runner‑up last year; what is it about it that seems to have the hold on you?
SHANE LOWRY:  I don't know, I just think it's a difficult enough golf course, you need to be quite good off the tee.  It's just somewhere that I love playing, since the first time I came here in 2010, I loved it from the word go.  Just something about the place.

Q.  You've won two tournaments on The European Tour.  You know what it takes to win, clearly, but that second place last year to Rory, how significant was that?
SHANE LOWRY:  Last year especially because I wasn't going quite well, it gave me that boost I needed.  I kicked on from there and had a great season last year.  But I'm hoping for‑‑ hopefully get one better tomorrow and get a win somewhere down the line soon, anyway.

Q.  In terms of your form, are you in a place where you feel equipped to go for the win tomorrow?
SHANE LOWRY:  I feel like I turned a bit of a corner this week.  Struggled the last previous sort of six or eight weeks but yeah, I feel like I turned the corner this week.  My short game has been really good, the best it's been for a long time now.  I'm excited about the next few weeks and months ahead.

Q.  Two consecutive days of 67; that's moving yourself into a nice position, isn't it?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, it is.  A very average first day, I was a bit disappointed but went out yesterday and played quite nicely.  Got up‑and‑down when I needed.
Then nice little 67 today, as well.  Put myself hopefully within half a chance of winning the tournament tomorrow.

Q.  Which presumably is what you expect of yourself around here after last year.
SHANE LOWRY:  Every week I expect high things of myself.  I go out there and really feel like I can compete at this level.  I love playing the big events.  This is obviously our biggest one and it's a tournament that I've loved coming to from day one, so excited.

Q.  You do love the razzmatazz, everything that goes with it.
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, it's a great event.  BMW put on a great show and Wentworth do, as well.  It's one of my favourite golf courses of the year and it's one that I kind of look forward to coming back every year.
I would have really liked to hold the putt on the last but hope flight the leaders don't go too far away coming in and hopefully I can go out and shoot something in the mid 60s tomorrow.

Q.  You've already won something, you've got a nice little Xbox to play it?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, I got one in the Pro‑Am, it was nice.  I haven't had a computer game for a long time, so maybe I'll hook it up next week to the TV and see what it's like.

Q.  Any good at those?
SHANE LOWRY:  No, as I say, I haven't played them in years.  I played them through my exams in school, that was about it.

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