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May 22, 2015

Henrik Lundqvist


New York テや 5
Tampa テや 1

Q.テつ After Tampa Bay scored 12 goals in two games, especially after that overtime, you looked despondent.テつ Is redemption a word that would apply to tonight?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ Not sure.テつ Probably the last 48 hours have been pretty tough mentally, not to overanalyze or complicate things.
It's been good to have probably the best goalie coach in the world to talk to about a situation like this where I played 12, 13 games, where I feel like I'm at a level where I'm really helping the team, and then you have two games where I think I'm okay against a really good team, and then you look really average.
Because even tonight, the looks they had, the chances they create, you need to be on top of your game or it's going to be a tough night.テつ And it's not only this series, the last couple years it's been pretty tough for us and for me to have a good result against this team.
So it was a little soul searching and also talking about my game and what I could do to have better results.テつ And I think in the end, I made a few adjustments, and it really paid off.

Q.テつ The last two games you saw them coming at you, their top players, their top players, their best players.テつ Tonight whether it was with saves or goals, your best players were your best players.テつ That type of response, what does it say about this group?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ Well, I think it's important you realize in the big moments that we all have to step up, not only your top players.テつ I felt like the entire team stepped up tonight.テつ There were times, especially in the second, where they came really hard.テつ But we weathered the storm, and we answered back with some huge goals.
It still feels so good when you feel like you're doing it together.テつ It's not just one or two guys, but we had everyone step up tonight.テつ We knew the importance of this game.テつ Going home 3‑1 against this team would have been extremely tough, so our goal was just to get this one.
Talked about it this morning, a new day, a new opportunity.テつ Even though, like I said, it's been tough to win in this building.テつ It's the playoffs now, and it's a different approach, I think.
After we scored that second and even third goal, I felt like we controlled the game pretty good.

Q.テつ In your opinion, individually, was this your best game of the playoffs?テつ Was this as zoned in as you've been?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ It's probably one of the tougher games.テつ I had a couple tough ones against Washington, as well, I remember, physically and mentally.
But coming off two losses and a lot of goals scored, obviously, you don't feel great.テつ You walk around and you think a lot.テつ To come into this game and be able to play a strong game, that obviously feels good.テつ But it definitely helps when you have great people around you supporting you and giving you good advice, how to move forward and how to approach a game like this.
So it means a lot to me, especially when you're under a lot of pressure, to have someone to talk to and get guidance.

Q.テつ How important is it for you to look and see guys that have also struggled lately, like Nash and Martin St. Louis, get on the board tonight?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ Well, it's always important to have guys that like to score to score.テつ They feel good about their game.テつ Even though they do so many different things to help the team, I think when they put the puck in the net, they get a little extra confidence.
That first goal by Nash, that's the way he scores his goals, taking the puck to the net and just show how strong he is and the speed he has.テつ So that was great to see.テつ It kind of set the tone for us tonight.

Q.テつ You said this morning you thought being okay was not going to be good enough.テつ Do you feel like you need to be exceptional for you guys to have a chance to beat this team?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ Well, I don't know at what level I need to play, but I know okay is not going to be enough.テつ Even tonight got, luck a couple times, but I felt like I was in good position.テつ I was patient.
When they had their big chances, I was on my feet and I was reading the situations better.テつ If you're not doing that, you get exposed, and they can put easily four, five goals on the board.テつ But that's why it's so important to stick to your game plan and not overthink it.
But to answer your question, I know okay is not enough.テつ But after that I approached this game‑ go out and do your job.テつ Do it as good as you can, and then we'll see how far it takes us, and the team really responded after their goal.
That's a great feeling when you feel like you come up with a couple saves and we go right back at them and score a couple big goals and kind of change the momentum in the game.テつ Great team effort tonight.

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