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May 22, 2015

Alain Vigneault


New York テや 5
Tampa テや 1

Q.テつ Alain, defensively, at least through the second period, it was not exactly what you wanted.テつ But did you feel like when you had the puck on the forecheck, things were a lot different for you than they had been in previous games?
COACH VIGNEAULT:テつ I really liked how we came out.テつ I thought we had a really good first period where I thought we had possession of the puck more.
In the second period, we lost a little bit of the momentum.テつ We took a couple early penalties.テつ They had some real good looks and that's where our goaltender stood up and made a stand, kept us in the game.テつ We were able to score two late goals in that second period, even though, obviously, they had the better of the looks.
But we played really well in the first and the third.テつ I thought we did what we had to do and our specialty teams came up big for us.

Q.テつ You always talk about the goalie, just his job is to give you a chance to win.テつ Was there a little more with Hank tonight kind of getting you through that period?
COACH VIGNEAULT:テつ Well, I think there was a lot of talk about him and about his play, but there wasn't any doubt from within our dressing room.テつ Hank has done this so many times before that we knew he was going to come out and do what he always does, which is give us a chance to win, and that's what he did again tonight.

Q.テつ Before Rick's first goal, Hayes' line comes on, and very quickly Marty comes off and Rick comes on.テつ Was that by your direction?
COACH VIGNEAULT:テつ No, I think right wingers got caught a couple times where they switched and their two line mates were on the ice, and it just happened that way.テつ It wasn't part of the master plan.

Q.テつ With Rick getting two goals and Marty getting one, do you think that will be a weight off their shoulders just for some of the heat they've been under?
COACH VIGNEAULT:テつ You know, for the past while here, they've been answering questions about their offensive production, and for them to score a couple tonight for us, to finally have a little bit of breathing room here and not be one of those tight one‑goal games, is obviously very positive.
We'll analyze this one and do what we need to do to get ready for the next one.

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