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May 22, 2015

Boo Weekley


Q.  Well, Boo, it's not how you start, it's how you finish.  A bogey, bogey start but a great birdie here on the 18th.
BOO WEEKLEY:  Yeah.  That front side was a little shaky this morning.  Seemed like I just couldn't get loose, and then finally once it kind of broke through and started feeling a little better and kind of showed from there on.

Q.  You told us yesterday that your back was a little tight.  Is that a problem again not getting loose?
BOO WEEKLEY:  This morning it was, yeah.  We stretched pretty good this morning.  I got loose, but then all of a sudden got tight again after I got through, you know, practicing and had to come up here and wait 30 minutes, you know, chipping and putting around, and I just got tight again and it showed, and I just couldn't get loose, and finally it seemed like I made a swing and it started loosening up a little bit.

Q.  You putted so well.  It was a solid putting round but nothing as spectacular as when you led the tournament in strokes putting after that first round.
BOO WEEKLEY:  I didn't hit it as close as I did.  I didn't hit as many greens.  But it's still a good round, you know.  I mean you have four bogeys and still shoot under par, that's pretty good.

Q.  Especially with the strong finish.  You know, we're expecting storms coming in over the weekend.  Will that change your strategy or anything going into that third round?
BOO WEEKLEY:  No.  I reckon I'll have to go find me some rain gear.  I got the rain pants.  I ain't got no rain jacket.

Q.  Saw you at dinner last night.  Did you have any of that wild boar?
BOO WEEKLEY:  No, I didn't have no wild boar.  I just ate the ribs, man.  Them ribs and that corn and them beans at the wood shed are good.

Q.  I understand it.  Good job.
BOO WEEKLEY:  Thank you all.

Q.  Boo, you're wearing the cam owe.  It was a battle today.  You bogeyed four of your first V.  You're trying to stay dry.  You finally get loose, birdie the last.  How big was that to get in at 1‑under?
BOO WEEKLEY:  It was big.  I mean it was a confidence builder, you know.  I know I struggled right out of the gate.  You know, a little bit of rain and back wasn't loosened up yet, and finally it got loose and we got back to doing what we know how to do.
You know, and to be able to finish with four bogeys and shoot 1‑under par for your round, to me that's real good.  Not giving up and just playing golf.

Q.  At what point did it start to feel loose and things started to really click for you where you thought you could make a run coming in?
BOO WEEKLEY:  It was about hole 5.  I hit‑‑ just kind of made a drive‑‑ a driver off that tee box.  I hit it left, but at least that swing felt like, all right, now we're back.  Now we're getting where we can kind of work it around this golf course a little bit.

Q.  You've won before just a couple of years ago.  I was saying you look good in plaid.  How big would it be if you were able to win a second time at this historic event?
BOO WEEKLEY:  It's always an honor to win, no matter where you're at.  You still gotta put four rounds of golf together and be able to pull it off.  These guys are good out here.  I mean playing with the best in the world and there ain't nobody out here going to give it to me.  So I just gotta go out and play golf and do the best I can.

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